Yemen: Risk of environmental disaster in the region

July 17, 2019
The Yemeni government has renewed its warning of a major oil spill to the Red Sea because the Houthis militias who have blocked the maintenance of the crude oil tanker carrying more than one million barrels of crude oil.
The Yemeni Presidency of the Council of Ministers published an information video on its official Twitter account stating that marine life and riparian countries are at high risk in the case of a disaster happening.
Explained that the Government had repeatedly addressed the United Nations to put pressure on the Houthi militia to allow technical inspection and maintenance of the floating Safer tank at the Ras Issa port.
The video showed that the tank “Safar” is a huge tanker with a weight of 410 thousand tons, which includes more than one million barrels of crude oil, and has not been under maintenance for more than 4 years.
He also confirmed that the oil spill had already started due to the erosion of the reservoir.
He added that the United Nations sent in May a technical team to inspect the reservoir, but the Houthis obstructed their arrival.
Experts say that the oil in Hodeidah port and on SAFER CAN BE an economic and environmental catastrophe that may affect life not only in Yemen but also in neighboring countries if the crude oil stored in the ship leaks.
In March of last year, the Yemeni government issued warnings of the disaster and demanded that the United Nations intervene to conserve the dilapidated ship and mediate the export of the quantities stored in the ship, which is under the control of the Houthi militia.

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