Yemen : seized boat carrying explosives on its way to the Houthis

October 30, 2019

Coast guard forces on the Yemeni west coast seized a boat carrying explosives-smuggled materials on their way to the Houthi militia.

Brigadier General Sadiq Dowaid, a member of the Joint Forces Command in the West Coast, said the attempt to smuggle explosives into the Houthi militia was thwarted.

Dowaid, in a tweet published on Monday evening, on his Twitter page that a boat was seized in the waters of the Red Sea off the coast of West Yemen.

He added that “the Yemeni coast guard in the Red Sea sector seizes a boat carrying smuggled materials entering the manufacture of explosives and was on its way to the Houthi militias …”.

According to military sources in the joint forces on the west coast, these explosives and explosive devices were smuggled, and belong to the militia Houthi, and was intended to be smuggled through the Red Sea.

Houthi militias use Yemeni territorial waters to smuggle weapons and explosives from Iran.

Coastguard forces foiled the smuggling of explosives that Houthi militias had intended to smuggle across the Red Sea more than once.

Houthi militias still control parts of Hodeida, the West Coast’s largest city, and its main port, as well as the ports of Salif and Ras Issa.

Besides threats to international navigation, it is often accused of receiving Iranian military aid through the Red Sea.

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