Yemen: Southern forces stop Houthi attempt to penetrate Dhali

October 24, 2019

Sporadic clashes erupted in the front of “Al-AzraqTorsa” in the southwest of Al-Dhali province in southern Yemen, between units of the joint southern forces and groups of armed Houthi militias loyal to Iran.

Military sources said the southern joint forces repelled a Houthi attack on the Farasha site, during which Iranian Houthi militias tried to seize it, amid heavy gunfire with heavy weapons to confuse the troops.

According to the sources, the joint forces were able to repel the attack, after luring them to areas where it is easy to target them, which led to the death and injury of most of the attackers.

The remaining Houthi militias fled to their former positions, southern forces bombed militia positions

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