Yemen: The Army dismantles the siege of Mares while the Houthis burst bridges

May 23, 2019

On Wednesday Houthi detonated bridges and roads linking the cities of Qutba and Mars north of the Yemeni province of Dali, after the defeats they suffered during the past days.

The militias also carried out acts of sabotage and looting of large properties in the liberated areas.

The joint forces of the Yemen army and the resistance was able on Wednesday morning to lift the siege of the strategic area of Maris north of the province of Dhala after a battle that lasted several hours with the Houthis about eighty elements of the militias of al-Houthis were killed, during the clashes and the opening of the road linking Maris and the city of Qutba.

A strategic mountain overlooking the road linking the village of Qardh, and al-Sham was also liberated.

The resistance forces are heading west to liberate the sites of Hajar villages in the Dar al-Sayyed area and to secure Al-‘Ala camp and Al-Fakher area.

In the northern corner of Dhala, the security belt has beefed up its forces on the frontiers of the province with more than 500 fighters. According to a field source, the people of the grasshoppers have given the Dalea fronts significant human reinforcements to confront the Iranian militias.

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