Yemen : the Houthis ruined thousands of lives and killed 4 million children and soldiers

August 3, 2019

The Yemeni government has declared that the Houthi militias have destroyed the lives of more than 4 million children. Most of them have been forced to look for work due to the war, which has exploited the economic and humanitarian situation of the Yemeni families and forced them to support their families and join the militias.

the resolution of the conflict in Yemen will only be achieved by resolving the roots of this conflict, and ending the houthis putsch , restoring the kidnapped state institutions, achieving sustainable peace, ending the sufferings of the Yemeni people and achieving peace based on the three agreed terms of reference.

The Representative of Yemen to the United Nations in New York Ambassador Abdullah Al-Saadi, said at the open debate of the UN Security Council,Friday, on children and armed conflict, that armed militias Houthi recruited more than 30 thousand Yemeni children and uses them in the conflict, stressing the killing of 3 thousand and 279 children , in flagrant violation of international humanitarian law.

The recruitment operations included students, school students, kids from orphanages, juvenile shelters and local communities. The Houthimilitias deprives them of education. In the past two years, 1.6 million children have been denied access to schools. They have shelled and destroyed two thousand and 372 schools in part and in full. More than a thousand and 600 schools are now prisons and military barracks.

The most heinous types of murder … recruitment and deprivation

Al-Saadi pointed out that Yemeni children are subjected to the worst kinds of killing, suffering, recruitment and denial of their basic educational, health and social rights because of the Huthi militias.

He also pointed out that the children who are detained as fighters in the ranks of the Huthi militias are brought back , taking care of and  rehabilitatedat the Marib Rehabilitation Center, supported by the King Salman Center for Humanitarian Relief.

The children are handed over to their families.

He warned that the Houthi armed militias would establish summer camps to attract, train and apprentice children to continue their exploitation of Yemeni children , in flagrant violation of all international norms, laws and child rights laws.

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