Yemen: The Mothers of the Yemenis sentenced to death hold the UN RESPONSIBLE for their children safety

July 22, 2019

The Association of Mothers of the Kidnapped Yemenis in Sanaa, hold the international community and the United Nations responsible for the safety of the 30 Yemenis sentenced to death by the Houthi militias.

Dozens of mothers staged a protest on Thursday in front of the office of the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, urging them to intervene to save their relatives lives.

“The g abandonment of our children and the unfair trials and treatments lasted for more than three years, it is a major violation that led to illegal trials,” the mothers said in a statement.

The mothers called on all human rights organizations, human rights activists and media channels to support them to stop these violations and release the kidnapped victims.

The association accuses the Houthi militias backed by Iran of brutalizing and torturing the 30 detainees who have been sentenced to death.

The Association of Mothers of Detainees has founded more than two years ago and is a community-based non-governmental organization concerned with alleviating the suffering of the mothers of abductees, those forcibly disappeared and their families, and seeking to maintain their safety and release.

On July 9, the Specialized Criminal Court in the capital Sana’a, under the control of the Huthis, decided to execute 30 detainees, including the leader of the Reform Party, Nasr al-Salami, and the professor of linguistics at Sana’a University, Yusuf al-Boab.

The Houthi court accused them of belonging to an armed and organized gang to carry out bombings, assassinations, communications and “enemy support”, which the detainees strongly deny and accuse the Houthis of using the judiciary power for political revenge.

The verdicts were condemned and denounced by the Yemeni government and political and human rights components.

In recent days, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Amnesty International have condemned the death sentences. The Commission said any politically motivated charges should be rejected, while Amnesty called them “a mockery of justice and an emphasis on the judiciary power becoming a tool of repression rather than justice.

“The Houthis control the capital Sana’a and several Yemeni provinces since the end of 2014, The government accuses them and international and local human rights organizations of carrying out arresting several of their opponents,

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