Yemen: The value of the national currency supported and preserved by KSA

September 24, 2019

Yemeni Prime Minister Moin Abdul Malik on Monday praised Saudi support for his government and the central bank to preserve the value of the national currency ,that affects the economy of the country and the lives of all citizens across the country without exception.

During a meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, Ahmed Obaid Al-Fadhli, Abdul-Malik warned of the dangers posed by the Houthi militias’ dangerous policies on economic security and stability, and their counterfeiting and money laundering.

He also spoke about the importance and the need that the Central Bank continue and double the efforts to maintain monetary stability and the stability of exchange rates of the Yemeni national currency, so as to ease the burdens of living on all citizens without exception.

For his part, Al-Fadhli explained that his strategy in the next phase will depend on several main axes, after assessing what is currently in place, and the foundations on which the Central Bank works.

He said that the bank will work as part of the first steps to assume the functions in the management to not deteriorate the currency rate mainly, through several measures, the bank will work to ensure the stability of the exchange rate

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