Yemen : UAE calls for the implementation of the riyadh agreement

April 29, 2020

The UAE called on Monday for the implementation of the Riyadh power-sharing agreement between the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council, which on Saturday announced self-rule for the south, in a move that was rejected by the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

The Southern Transitional Council announced in a statement, “Self-rule of the south as of midnight on Sunday”.In a statement carried by the official Saudi news agency, “SPA”, stated “the necessity of returning the situation to its previous position after declaring a state of emergency by the transitional council through its recent statement and the resulting developments of events in the temporary capital (Aden) and some southern governorates of Yemen.”

The statement added, “The coalition stresses the necessity of canceling any step that violates the Riyadh agreement and working to expedite its implementation.”The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash wrote on Twitter that “the statement of the Alliance to Support Legitimacy comes from a clear concern for Yemen and the Riyadh Agreement, whose full implementation constitutes a basis for political action in the next stage.”

Gargash added, “The frustration with the delay in implementing the agreement should not be a reason for changing the situation from one side, and our confidence in Saudi Arabia in implementing the Riyadh agreement is absolute.”The Saudi-led coalition clarified in its statement that it “has taken and still taking practical and systematic steps to implement the Riyadh agreement, which represents the framework that the two parties unanimously agreed to unite the ranks of the Yemenis, return the state institutions, and address the threat of terrorism.”,”It is the responsibility of the signatories of the agreement to take clear national steps towards implementing the agreement.” It added.

The coalition also demanded “to stop any activities or escalatory movements,” calling for “a return to complete the implementation of the agreement immediately and without delay, giving priority to the interests of the Yemeni people over any other interests and working to achieve the goal of restoring the state, ending the coup and countering terrorist organizations.”

The transitional council had accused the Yemeni government of “persistence and intransigence in carrying out its duties” in addition to “delaying and evading the implementation of the related Riyadh agreement.”Saudi Arabia sponsored a power-sharing agreement between the two parties signed by the government and the Southern Transitional Council, the most powerful political authority in southern Yemen, concluded in Riyadh on November 5. The agreement stipulated that the transitional council assumed a number of ministries in the Yemeni government.

In August, southern Yemen witnessed battles between forces supporting the restoration of southern independence and those loyal to the internationally recognized authority that resulted in the transitional council taking control of several areas, the most important of which was Aden, the interim capital of the authority since the Houthi rebels seized Sanaa in September 2014.

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