YEMEN: UN official meet the houthis to discuss the conflict in a Meeting in Muscut

July 13, 2019

The Omani capital Muscat on Tuesday witnessed a bilateral meeting bringing together a UN official and a leader of the Huthis militias to discuss the Yemeni conflict.

The head of the Houthismilitias delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam, discussed with Muscat Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations in Yemen, MoinShraim, the proposals to overcome the stumbling block in the implementation of the agreement on the province of Hodeidah (west) ) And  the opening of Sanaa International Airport.

These talks are paving the way for a new round of consultations and the resumption of comprehensive political discussions and transitional arrangements.

The United Nations is struggling to find a political solution to end the houthis war in Yemen, which has made most of the population in need of humanitarian assistance.

On December 13, 2018, the government and the Houthis reached an agreement in Stockholm to deal with the situation in the coastal province of Hodeidah (west), as well as the exchange of prisoners and detainees.

But the implementation of the agreement faces many obstacles because of the houthis refusing to respect and apply all the conditions of the agreement.

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