Yemen: US army “investigates” the destruction of one of its drones

August 22, 2019

In a statement, a spokesman for the US Central Command (Centcom), who heads US operations in the Middle East, said the army “investigates information about an attack on a drone operating in a space permitted air traffic in Yemen “, but did not confirm the destruction of the aircraft.

“Iran’s provocative actions and support for fighters and armed groups like the pro-Iranian Houthis pose a serious threat to the stability of the region and our partners,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Earl Brown.

The Houthis had circulated Tuesday night on Twitter images showing a fireball in the night which, according to them, represented an American drone shot over the locality of Damar, southeast of Sanaa. They claimed to have destroyed it with a missile of their own production. They had also posted photos of the remains of a device bearing inscriptions in English.

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