YEMEN WATER CRISIS :UAE red crescent supplies Aden with drinking water and pumps

August 19, 2019

The UAE Red Crescent has launched a new relief initiative aimed at alleviating the suffering of families living in a number of areas in the city of Aden, which suffers from a water crisis. The relief teams of the Authority started distributing thousands of water bottles in a number of affected areas, which have difficulty in obtaining drinking water in the districts of Tawahi, Brega and Ma’ala.

This assistance comes as part of the relief efforts adopted by the UAE to alleviate the suffering of the people in the liberated governorates and to improve the level of basic services, which are seriously deteriorated .

Workers in the relief teams said that the UAE Red Crescent began to carry tankers carrying thousands of liters of drinking water, and delivers it  to the affected and deprived areas,Adding that water does not reach a large number of houses in some areas of Aden due to poor pumping and lack of production from wells, which left great suffering on families living in those areas, especially with the great hardship in obtaining clean drinking water.

They added that this step coincided with the adoption of another initiative, the installation of additional pumps in the fields and wells in order to raise production and supply pumping stations with generators to help them to deliver water easily to the homes of citizens who are struggling to obtain clean and safe drinking water.

The people expressed their thanks and appreciation for

the continuous relief efforts provided by the UAE through its humanitarian arm.In order to alleviate the suffering they have been living for years, they added that the UAE red Crescent has always been the first organization to respond to humanitarian appeals and alleviate the suffering faced by the people  of Aden and the liberated southern governorates.

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