Yemeni Ambassador Requests UN to Pressurize Houthis to Enforce Stockholm Agreement

March 28, 2019

The Yemeni Ambassador to UAE suggested the international community to pressurize the Houthi rebels into accepting the UN-orchestrated Stockholm Agreement, and to bring an end to the militias’ deliberate indifference of international endeavors and the policy of vacillation they are seeking to weaken peace endeavors.

Speaking to the Emirates News Agency, Fahad Saeed Al Menhali stated that the Sweden accord is hypothesized to assuage the suffering of the Yemeni people and assisting in the distribution of aid by assuring efficient operation of all important Yemeni ports which are the lifeline of this nation.

It’s not been made to help the rebels gain time to strengthen and secure their military stronghold and hire new elements to Hodeidah in yet a new signal of their lack of eagerness in a way that risks endangering and weakening international attempts in this respect.”

Fahad stated that implementing the Sweden Agreement is rudimentary for all parties apprehensive to shape ahead toward peace; confirming that the lawful government of Yemen will not stand by shallow toward the wrongdoing of Houthi rebels.

He even stated that while the Yemeni government leaves no effort to assure the success of the international endeavors, basically the Stockholm Deal, the Houthi rebels are resuming their hesitation and resolute, doubling on the demand of the UN sharing its responsibility toward holding Houthis responsible for the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen

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