Yemeni armed forces propelled a fierce attack against the Houthis in Nihm and al-Jawf

August 17, 2020

As indicated in a video posted by the military’s media division account on Twitter, on Saturday, the Yemeni armed forces has propelled a savage hostile against Iran-backed Houthis in the regions of Nihm and al-Jawf.

The Yemen armed forces were victorious in the area near the Bahra Mountains close to the Najd al-Ataq district inside the Nihm region.

The Yemeni militia and the Iran-supported Houthi military have been fighting since three years, the Military stated.

On Twitter, the Yemeni military confirmed that few Houthis were injured and some died during the fight, and the armored vehicle was destructed, while BMB vehicle and lots of ammo and weapons were recovered by the soldiers.”

In al-Jawf, the Yemeni army backed by the Arab Coalition air forces and the Popular Resistance Forces and made a few advancements on Saturday against the Houthis in furious conflicts that incurred overwhelming losses.

The Yemeni armed forces stated that it was backed by Arab Coalition against Houthi in different areas on the Salb and Najd al-Ataq fronts that headed to the destruction of few military vehicles and many militants were killed in that convoy.

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