Yemeni Authorities criticize Houthis for capturing Hodeidah Port revenues

May 22, 2020

The Foreign Ministry in an announcement stated that the Yemeni government censured the Houthi violation. The officials blamed Houthis for plundering the incomes from the import duties of oil derivatives from the special account at the CBY in Hodeidah. That adds up to more than 35 billion Yemeni rials (about $60 million) allotted to pay the salaries of government employees.

The Foreign Ministry considered it a “blatant violation” of an UN-arranged plan to pay government employee compensations utilizing expenses from oil imports at the port of Hodeidah. It held that the Houthis are answerable for foiling understandings and the ensuing outcomes.” It likewise approached the UN to accept its accountability as the eyewitness and underwriter to commit Houthis to submit information on the present status of the special account.

Apart from its concurrence with the UN and the Yemeni government to distribute these assets to pay salaries to government officials, the Iran-backed army has channeled what they looted into their war effort.The Houthis in mid-April declared their plan to pull back assets from the special account, asserting they would utilize them to pay each government employee a fourth of their monthly salary.

The Houthis at the time blamed the administration for reneging on earlier negotiations to pay the government employees. On May 14, UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, informed the UN Security Council in New York about his concerns over the utilization of the special account.

Aden has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Yemen as there is a lack of testing units and protective gear.Despite the Ceasefire report, the Iran-backed Houthi leaders and their militias have preceded their assaults across the nation. Yemen has recorded around 197 positive cases, 33 passings, and 3 recuperated.

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