Yemeni Children Suffering From a Crisis

March 22, 2019

Yemen is easily the biggest humanitarian crisis currently facing the world. Over 22 million people, representing 80% of the population, are in dire need of humanitarian aid. This also includes over 11 million children.

The fact remains that children continue to suffer. Over 360,000 children below the age of 5 are suffering from acute malnutrition. In fact, their condition is so severe that they need treatment. The damage to hospitals and their subsequent closure has also affected their access to the health services. This has made the condition of the children more vulnerable.

In order to help them, UNICEF and other humanitarian agencies are on the ground in Yemen. They are working to save the children and help recover.

UNICEF is working to provide treatment to severe malnutrition. They are providing the vital therapeutic food as well as medical supplies. At the same time, they are providing emergency cash transfers to over 1.5 million families. This has enabled the families purchase essential items and also to take care of other necessities.

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