Yemeni Coast Guards Work Hard To Contain Weapon Smuggling From Iran

September 15, 2020

Movement of illegal arms and ammunition to Al Houthis remains to be a constant struggle. A recent attempt was foiled by the Yemeni National Resistance Forces that stopped an Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ cell from transporting weaponry to the Al Houthis militia.

A couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that Qatar government was actually trying to provide for the militia through the guise of gold transactions through Uganda. The cell is operated through a weapon smuggling racquet called the Al Watan. The coast guards intercepted the men that were trying to smuggle arms and ammunition via the Red Sea. In the month of September itself, four such attempts have been foiled by the coast guards. Weapons recently seized include thermal anti-armour rockets and drone-guidance systems.

Destabilization is on the cards for Iran when it comes to Yemen, despite repeated calls from the United Nations to keep away from the war-torn region.  The United States has recently put in a request with the UN that the arms embargo needs to be extended over Iran for the obvious reasons. The Iranian regime’s support of its proxy in Yemen serves to prolong the war and destabilise the region, and is in violation of international law, officials and activists warn.

According to political analysts, the end of the arms embargo will not be a good this for the world. It would (definitely) have major repercussions for the region, making it easier for Iran to arm its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and proxy militias in other countries that includes war sensitive zones like Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Iran is been known to supply the jihadi militia with state-of-the-art weaponry time and again.

Houthis have been used for other purpose also. Their sense of power and strength comes from use of drugs also; something that is being supplied by the Iranian too. Indirectly, and to some extend the Houthis are now being used for drug trafficking and selling contraband. The focus point for Iran is rich gulf countries like Saudi Arabia.

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