Yemeni Defense Minister attacked by a houthi drone

October 30, 2019

Yemen’s defense minister, General Mohammad al-Maqdashi, survived on Tuesday a shelling of drones targeting the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in Marib province, eastern Yemen.

According to military sources, the Houthidrone targeted a meeting of senior military leaders at the headquarters of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense of the legitimate government in Marib.

Two soldiers were killed, including the driver of the Minister of Defenseandothers were wounded in the attack.

The sources also confirmed that all military commanders were fine and none of them was hurt.

So far, there has been no official comment from the defense ministry and the Yemeni government on the attack.

The Yemeni army announced control of the international line between Kattaf and al-Buqa in Sa’ada province, the main stronghold of the Houthi militias, the far north of the country.

The Yemeni news agency quoted the commander of the Liberation Brigade, Brigadier General Jamal al-Qalai, as saying that the national army had taken control of the highest peaks of the Rashaha mountain range, which starts from the desert pillar to the mountains of “Jahira” in the Baqa district in Saada.

Al-Kalai also pointed out that with this progress, the army has tight control over the international line linking the epaulets, spots and the rugged mountain range.

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