Yemeni Delegation Is To Have Peace Talk with Houthi

December 6, 2018

A Saudi-backed Yemeni delegation is on their way to Sweden to attend a peace talk with the delegates of the Houthi rebels. The Iran-backed Houthi delegation has already arrived in Sweden to attend the U.N. sponsored peace talks.

This arrangement is being considered as one of the most efficient steps which have been taken since 2016 to end the tension. It has been reported that this step could be the beginning of the end of civil war that has been going on for four years.

It has been reported that Martin Griffith, the U.N special envoy, has taken some special steps to gain the confidence of the Houthi. The steps, such as evacuation of the Houthi injured, have helped to win the trust of the rebels. Based on this trust they have agreed to attend the meeting.

It is hoped that this round of peace talks will be focusing on more such trust-building steps. The UN expects that such steps will help to establish a transitional government body. The officials of the organization think that this is high time for this transition, as the US government is going to deliberate about the fate of the coalition in the war.

The conflict, that is going on for nearly four years has already killed tens of thousands of people.

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