Yemeni fishermen demand protection from Iran’s SAFIZ

May 4, 2019

Yemeni fishermen called on the legitimate government and the leadership of the Arab coalition, the United Nations and the international community to intervene immediately to rescue them from the Iranian ship Safiz, which has taken over the coast of Yemen and caused more than 100 fishermen to die because of the mines it cultivates.

Which led to the disruption of the activity of 30 thousand other fishermen and the deprivation of hundreds of thousands of families from their only source of income.

“The presence of the Iranian ship Safiz threatens the lives of the fishermen, along the western coast of Yemen, by the proliferation of landmines and booby-trapped boats that have killed dozens,” the statement said, disrupting the activity of thousands of them and depriving hundreds of thousands of
practicing the profession of fishing, which is their only source of income, which exacerbates the humanitarian situation in the coastal provinces.

“We are here today to address the conscience of the world and the international organizations concerned, as well as the countries of the Arab coalition and the legitimate authority,  led by President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi to pay attention to the situation of fishermen as a result of what the Iranian ship is doing in the waters of the Red Sea and put an end to their continuous suffering since the beginning of the war.”

“We will not remain indifferent to those who deprive us of the right to live in dignity. We will continue to escalate our protests so that the world can take care of our suffering and appeal to all sides in Yemen, the region and the world to force the ship Safiz to leave.

The fishermen declared the crew of the ship “Saviz” and all those responsible for the loss of lives of fishermen from the sea mines, demanding the opening of a case for all violations suffered by fishermen and damage caused by the continued presence of the Iranian ship in the Red Sea.

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