Yemeni forces repel Al Houthi attacks in Hodeida

June 28, 2019

Yemeni government forces needed repulsed fierce attacks by Iran-allied Al Houthi militants that had targeted residential areas inside the coastal city of Hodeidah and also outskirts, military forces stated on Thursday.


Al Houthis needed to shell the district of July 7, regarding four kilometres from the Hodeidah port, along with the city’s southern suburbs, they added.


The government troops needed also inflicted heavy casualties on the extremists.


The attacks violated a UN-brokered peace ceasefire deal attained in Sweden six months ago.


In December, the Yemeni government and also Al Houthis reached a contract after UN-sponsored indirect talks near Stockholm, offering for a truce and also withdrawals from Hodeida. Once, the deal was hailed since a breakthrough to conclude the fighting in the impoverished country. However, the conform has since slowed down over Al Houthis’ procrastination.


“Al Houthi militia failed in their episodes on the positions of the army and also joint troops. So, they considered target citizens with a mortar and also artillery in the liberated areas,” Walid Al Qadeemi, a senior-citizen official in Hodeidah, stated, based on pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al Awsat.


The attacks come amid a fresh try by UN peace envoy Martin Griffiths to revitalize Yemen’s peace process.

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