Yemeni government welcomes Saudi announcement for 2020 donor conference

May 14, 2020

Riad is preparing a remote conference of Yemen donors to help the country fight the Coronavirus pandemic for June 2.The legitimate Yemeni government welcomed the announcement by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to sponsor and organize the Donors Conference for Yemen 2020, scheduled for June 2, with the participation of the United Nations.

The conference will contribute significantly to the mobilization of funding to support relief, humanitarian, and development programs in all Yemeni governorates, as the Yemeni Minister of Local Administrations and the Chairman of the High-Level Committee, Abdel-Raqib Fateh, said in a press release.

The Yemeni government, temporarily based in Aden, has called on the international community and donors to contribute effectively to funding the humanitarian response programs in Yemen, reaffirming the commitment of president Abde Rabbo Mansur Hadi, and his executive, to provide all support to donors and international, regional, and international relief organizations implementing its aid and development programs, and projects, aimed at improving the humanitarian situation in the country.

Aden has been declared by the authorities an “infested” city on Monday after the number of coronavirus cases there increased, while clashes erupted in the southern region between separatist militias and government forces. Actually, the country is divided the country between the internationally recognised government and the Houthi group that removed it from power in the capital, Sanaa, in late 2014.
The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia intervened in March 2015 to restore Hadi’s government to power in Sanaa, but the conflict has been in deadlock for years after liberating most of the territory from terrorist groups.More than 100,000 have been killed since 2015 and some 80 percent of the population, or 24 million people, rely on aid while approximately 10 million face hunger.

The coalition on April 24 extended by one month a nationwide ceasefire prompted by the coronavirus outbreak as the United Nations seeks to hold virtual talks to agree upon a permanent truce, coordinate coronavirus response and restart peace dialogue.Test capabilities for the COVID-19 are inadequate as the five-year conflict has shattered Yemen’s health system, leaving millions of civilians into poverty.

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