Yemeni govt troops tackle Houthi militia attacks, destroy their weaponry

June 2, 2020

The Yemeni government forces have been tackling the Iran-backed Houthis in the Nihm district near the city of Sanaa amid the Coronavirus pandemic battle. As per media reports, the Yemeni Armed Forces Media Center stated that government troops backed by Arab coalition warplanes have managed to target and destroy military vehicles and weapons of the Houthis as they escalated their attacks in Nihm to push away forces from Sanaa.

According to the Yemeni Defence Ministry and local officials, the government troops have killed at least 30 Houthi insurgents in the past few days after the rebels launched an offensive against the forces in the Nihm region.Since early this year, Houthis have mounted their attacks, targeting military training camp and soldiers in different parts of the country, in an attempt to push deeper in the Marib Governorate.

Amid the fierce battle between the two rivals, hundreds of civilians have been forced to take refugee in Marib city. Several civilians have been killed and many have suffered injuries in the Red Sea city of Hodeidah in Houthis shelling around residential areas.

Last week, Houthi rebels had launched a ballistic missile attack targeting a military headquarters in Marib province. Military sources told the media that Yemeni Defence Minister Mohammad Ali Al-Maqdashi and Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz, who were present at the headquarter for a meeting, survived the attack. However, in the attack, Army Chief of Staff’s son Fahd bin Aziz and his nephew were killed along with six others.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, the Saudi-led coalition forces intercepted and shot down two drones launched by the Houthi rebels in the direction of the Saudi border city of Najran. Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki has attacked the Houthis for violating the international humanitarian law by targeting civilian facilities and residential areas.

While fighting offensive by Houthis rebellion in several parts of the country, Yemeni government is grappling with a global health emergency which has deteriorated the country’s public healthcare system and further intensified the humanitarian crises. After almost 75% of UN programmes for the welfare of Yemeni population have exhausted in the protection of the citizens, the United Nations has urged the international community for funding and investment to fulfil the needs of the people in the country.

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