Yemeni Human Rights Group Demonstrate in Geneva against Major Houthi Atrocities

March 25, 2019

The Global Union of Yemeni Communities and other rights groups demonstrated in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva against Houthi felony being carried out against civilians in the district of Hajour.

On Saturday, demonstrators stated that they wanted to draw international attention to the situation all over Yemen and urged the international community to implement further pressure on the Houthis by implementing sanctions to avert the Iranian-supported militant group.

Dr. Hayaf Khalid, president of the Global Union of Yemeni Communities, stated that the people of Hajour endure from a very grim Houthi siege that bars them from water and food.

He even stated that the homes of the people have been destroyed, their sheikhs have been killed and their children are being used as human shields on the battlegrounds.

According to local sources, since last September, the Houthi militias had enforced a restriction on Hajour, in order to quell and repress them. The Hajour tribes having a population of around 2,00,000 are spread over more than 10 districts in Hajjah Governorate.

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