Yemeni minister Al-Eryani: “Our country division an old plan of Iran”

May 29, 2020

For the Yemeni government, Iran is also behind the secessionist pressures of the south.Yemeni Minister of Information Muammar Al-Eryani explained that the Yemen division plan is a new old Iranian project that seemed to support the secessionist movement and what was known as the Saada believer youth movement.Al-Eryani said on Twitter that the plan appeared with the coup d’état of the Houthi militia and its political, economic and military management of the war for more than 5 years, during which it sought to establish the separation of the country as an accomplished fact in the life of the Yemeni.

The Tehran regime realizes the impossibility of imposing control of its Houthi militias on the entire Yemeni map, so it has resorted to the push of its militias to militarily intensify its action in the north, supporting and fuelling chaos in the south, to undermine the presence of the legitimate state and government and its efforts to normalize the situation and free the capital.

Al-Eryani added. For the politician, the Iranian partition plan of Yemen aspires to install his Houthi arm in the north and to plant a friendly system that does not reject the idea of coexistence with the Houthi in the south, a plan that will fall in front of the awareness of Yemeni people and support of their brothers and friends, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Last month, the Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel Al-Jubeir, has strongly criticized the move by the Southern Yemen Transitional Council, which announced regional self-government, stating that the interests of the Yemeni people are not at a sale.The Kingdom, together with the United Arab Emirates, asked for a return to the previous situation. Al-Jubeir took Twitter to say: “We strongly refuse to put the interest of Yemenis at auction with positions and movements that hinder the creation of positive opportunities to live in security and stability.”

Earlier this month, the United Nations said it was extremely concerned by the rapid spread of the virus in Yemen. It said community transmission was going widely undetected, and unmitigated in many places, due to the lack of testing and medical facilities. The Health Ministry of Yemen’s internationally recognised governmenthas reported only 212 confirmed cases including 39 deaths in the southern region, which is low. In the north, Houthis have reported four cases, including one death of a Somali migrant.

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