Yemeni minister calls on the international community to put pressure on the “Houthis”

July 6, 2019
The government’s report confirmed the support of the efforts of the United Nations and its Special Envoy Griffith to reach a political and peaceful solution,” said Mohammed Askar, human rights minister in the government of
President Hadi.
He called on the Human Rights Council to “support the government’s efforts for peace and put pressure on the Houthi militia to accept peace and the immediate implementation of Sweden’s agreement terms and accept the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, particularly resolution 2216.”
“The Yemeni government is keen to deal positively with all that and will maintain and promote human rights.”
“The report stressed that the Yemeni government will work to achieve the rights of the transitional phase despite the challenges faced by the coup Houthi militias on constitutional legitimacy in September 2014, and the
resulting repercussions at all levels of political life, economic, social and humanitarian as well.
“The most important thing the government will do at the legal level is to urge the House of Representatives to discuss and approve draft laws on human rights, including the minimum age for marriage, and other draft laws on
Yemen’s accession to the Protocol against Torture and the Anti-Human Trafficking Protocol For the purpose of protecting and safeguarding human rights “.
“The outcome of the national dialogue conference represented a road map to complete the process of change in Yemen,” he said. Accusing the “Al-Houthi coup” militias of the responsibility to impede the process of political transition and the introduction of the country in a real disaster that the Yemeni people still suffer from.
He reiterated the government’s keenness to end the coup, achieve peace and stability throughout the country, return the constitutional legitimacy, implement the outcomes of the national dialogue conference, maintain security and counter-terrorism activities, acts of sabotage and outlaws

that threaten the security of the country and citizens.
Which is torn apart by the coup, and to meet the needs of fleeing people, refugees and illegal immigrants who are growing daily and in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

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