Yemeni National army controls new areas in Saada

July 6, 2019
The Yemeni National Army, backed by the Arab Alliance, on Friday, controlled new areas in the Directorate of “Razih” in the province of Saada.
Military sources said that “the Yemeni army forces from the Arab coalition managed to control the new areas in the Directorate of Razih west of the province of Saada, amid the decline of large ranks of Houthi militias loyal to Iran.”
The sources explained that the army forces took full control of the areas of “Beit Hasran” and “Maatak Atom” and “Arisha”, and other sites in the Directorate.
The Yemeni army also controlled the positions of the pro- Iranian militias stationed in the areas of Al Zaher, Al Sharqa and the Health Unit in the same Directorate.
According to the military sources themselves, the control of these sites came after fierce confrontations by the army against the Houthi militias, whose elements fled towards Beni Moin and Al Ali, while the Arab coalition fighters
assigned these operations by targeting heavy weapons and sites and barracks.

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