Yemeni Parties Consider Houthis Responsible for the Crisis in the Country

October 11, 2018

The political parties and organizations of Yemen which support the legitimate government considers the militias to be responsible for the disaster in their country since the coup against the transitional process and national consensus. The Houthis supported by Iran is considered to be responsible for destroying plundering resources, destroying economy, and imposing war on the people of Yemen as said by the seven parties that represent the largest political constituencies that support the legitimacy, notably the Yemeni Congregation Reform and the General People’s Congress.

The Houthi militias are completely responsible for the war that they waged against Yemenis and also the resulting tragedies that affect their lives. In case the militias didn’t turn up against this political process by reject national consensus and also political compromise, force, trying to suppress the will of people by destroying the legitimacy and also declaring a war on the opponents on purpose, rob the force state institutions, and rejecting the solutions which have been set by the UN reference.

It has been added that the militias want this war to continue for maximizing the tragedies which are destroying Yemen and also it people just by planning to reject the solutions which has been agreed upon regionally, nationally, and internationally.

With the deterioration of the economy and also the devaluation of the economy, the  parties  have stated that state of collapse have stated with the Houthis controlling central bank, and also acquisition of the public resources, depletion of savings, loss of the cash reserves, and also the government account of the institutions.

The Yemeni economy might have collapsed due to the Houthi policies if there want the support of Arab Coalition. The party has pointed out that irrespective of the risk which is face by the economy of the country, the Houthis plan to loot the Yemeni resources and savings and refuse to pay the salaries to the public sector in the areas which fall under their control.