Yemeni President Saleh’ sons transferred to Amman with aid from Arab Coalition

October 4, 2018

The Arab coalition played a vital role in transferring the two sons of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former slain president of Yemen, to Amman, the capital of Jordan, from Sanaa, via a United Nations plane.

The Arab coalition is supporting the internationally recognized legitimate government of Yemen. A team from Saudi Arabia examined an Airbus A320 owned by the United Nations after it landed in Amman at Queen Alia International Airport. The plane then travelled to Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, for picking up the two sons.

Previously, the Houthi militias, which support and are backed by Iran, announced the release of the two sons, Salah and Moudin. According to some sources, their release occurred due to a mediation undertaken by Oman.

Aviation officials associated with the Sanaa International Airport had confirmed that the United Nations plane had left the airport with Moudin and Salah on board. The plane took the two brothers to Amman.

Be that as it may, the Houthi militants have refused to release Colonel Mouhamad Abdullah Saleh and Affash Tareq Saleh. Colonel Mouhamad Abdullah Saleh is the brother of Ali Abdullah Saleh. As for Affash Tareq Saleh, he is the son of Tareq, another brother of the former Yemeni president.

Previously, the Houthi militias had stopped the United Nations plane from arriving at the Sanaa International Airport.