Yemeni Raids have Killed 79 Rebels Within 48 Hours

October 10, 2018

Yemen’s Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen has killed about 80 Huthi rebel fighters within 48 hours in Hodeidah’s western province as stated by the medical and military source. The strikes on Hodeidah which is an important port and the target for renewed coalition offensive have left 7 civilians dead as they mentioned.

Saudi Arabia has intervened at the head of the military coalition for supporting the government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi just after the Huthis outsted it from Sanaa, the capital and swatches of north of the country. The coalition have made use of the air power for oust the rebels supported by Iran from a significant south portion of the country. However, Huthi continued holding Sanaa and also the Hodeida’s key Red Sea Port.

After the collapse of the talks backed by United Nations in September, the coalition has announced that it will relaunch an assault on the Hodeidah city and also its port. The port is the primary conduit for the commodities and aid into Yemen that is teetering at the brink of a femine. The fighting has eased and the coalition is focusing on the raids on the city limits and various other parts of the surrounding province.

Nonetheless, in the last 48 hours, coalition is known to have raided two farms, an area close to the port of the city, and two rebel training camps as per the rebel military source.  Medical source and rescue personal have ascertained that about 79 rebel fighters have been killed and that their bodies have been taken to the hospitals which are there in the province.