Yemen’s Conflicting Parties Concede for an Initial Compromise on Hodeidah

February 8, 2019

The conflicting parties of Yemen war have reached a precursory agreement on how to enforce a ceasefire and troop pullout accord in the port of Hodeidah, even though the deal hasn’t been finalized. This statement was made by the United Nations on Thursday.

The United Nation is seeking to enforce an agreement in Hodeidah, the main entry point for the majority of Yemen’s imports and also an attempt to finish the long war, which has killed tens of thousands and left millions of people on the verge of starvation.

In a statement, the UN stated that a preliminary concession has been reached; still, an upcoming discussion with the respective leaders of the warring parties is left. This statement was made by the UN after the three –days of talks were held by the United Nations this week on board a UN vessel that was anchored in Hodeidah.

The truce in Hodeidah has been largely appreciated since coming into effect a month back. However, fights continue between the Houthi rebels and their adversary in a Saudi led coalition who are fighting in order to reinstate the internationally recognized government.

The UN stated that both parties gave a strong undertaking to watch and strengthen the truce as it has been worked out in the agreement.

During the latest discourse the two sides of the Yemen war have worked jointly in a positive manner in order to solve the pending issues related to the mutual re-stationing of forces and the launching of humanitarian corridors. However, the statement also read that challenges still exist in front of them.

The discussions are likely to reconcile next week so that the details concerning redeployments can be concluded.

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