Yemen’s Conflicting Parties Meets on Ship to Deliberate on Halted Troop Withdrawal

February 4, 2019

On Sunday, representatives of Yemen’s conflicting parties met on a ship on the Red Sea in an UN-led effort to enforce a halted troop withdrawal from the main port city of Yemen Hodeidah. The agreement was reached during December’s peace discussion that was held in Sweden and was organized by the UN.

The Unites Nations is supervising the enforcement of a truce and troop pull-out agreement in Hodeidah, which is the main entry point for most of the imports that come to Yemen, along with the humanitarian aid that is pouring for Yemen. There is a high hope that the agreement and the meeting would be heading to a political solution and bring an end to the almost four-year of civil war.

The conflicting parties were supposed to pull out their respective forces by 7th January as part of endeavor to bypass a full-scale attack on Hodeidah, but have flunked to do so as the Iranian-affiliated Houthi rebel and the Saudi-backed government are opposing on who should be managing the city and ports.

Sunday’s meeting was the third time the U.N.-led Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) organized since it was created in December, assembling together the Houthis with the Saudi-supported, internationally recognized government of Yemen and U.N. mediators.
The conflicting parties met on a U.N. ship because endeavors to convoke the third meeting in territory held by the coalition forces flunked as the Houthis were not ready to cross the frontline. The first two meetings between the conflicting parties of Yemen war was held in territory which was under the control of the Houthi, after which the head of the U.N. mission was given the job with supervising the deal. Patrick Cammaert, has been shuttling between the two parties and coaxed them for a meeting.

The ship picked up a delegation from Yemen’s internationally recognized government at an offshore meeting point in the Red Sea before drifting to Hodeidah to pick up the Houthi delegates, as per a U.N. statement.

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