Yemen’s Conflicting Sides Concede To Free Thousands of Prisoners

December 7, 2018

On 6th December, Thursday, both sides who are fighting the Yemen War admitted to free thousands of prisoners. U.N mediator considers this initiative taken at the start of the peace talks as a promising one. The peace talk is being held in order to bring an end to the long war which has shoved millions of people on the brink of starvation.


Martin Griffiths, U.N. mediator informed reporters from a castle outside Stockholm that being able to bring the conflicting sides to the table is indeed a great achievement.


The war which killed tens of thousands of people; it forced the United Nations to call it as the world’s crucial humanitarian crisis, since a Saudi-led Arab coalition mediated in 2015 to bring back a government overthrown by the Iran-aligned Houthi militia movement. Since 2016, no peace talks have been held. Also, the last effort to hold talks in Geneva failed as the Houthis didn’t attend it.


Griffiths stated that as the two parties agreed to prisoner exchange program; it would be able to reunite thousands of families. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross around 5,000 prisoners would be freed.


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