Yemen’s Future Must Not Have Any Threat Backed by Iran

December 10, 2018

The United States is all up with the Yemen’s warring parties’ latest peace talk. This highly developed country strongly believes that Yemen must remain free from the Iranian-backed threat.

Thus, the US seemed to encourage the peace talk between this Saudi-led coalition Yemeni Government and Iran-aligned rebel party. The process wasn’t easy on the very first attempt. However, efforts from the both side made this meeting a success. A number of issues were raised in the meeting and a lot many are still yet to be discussed. However, in this entire conundrum, one thing was made clear, i.e. with no cost there will not be a minute shadow of Iran.

Why such decision?

Yemen has been the devastating ground for the last few years and the bitter truth is, Iran is constantly settling for a fierce struggle.


Well, it’s all for regional dominance!

Addressing this degenerative condition, Iranian influence should be a strict NO for the countrymen. Saying that Iran is harmful for the people will be an understatement in this case. This is because the severity calls for some stern decisions.

Thus, it’s a smart decision from the side of US to restore peace on the country at the earliest.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Arabian Gulf Affairs, Mr. Timothy Lenderking expressed that both the warring parties of Yemen at the meeting in Sweden assured the same. If the support from Iran doesn’t discontinue, the distressed citizens will go through the hell.

However, every cloud has a silver lining. Both the Government & Houthi rebels are doing their best to terminate the existing hostilities with ultimate truce. So, it can be said, Yemen will get free and attain peace from the malign influence of Iran in the near future.

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