Yemen’s government demands pressure on Houthis to deliver aid

October 16, 2019

Yemen’s legitimate government on Tuesday stressed the importance of the pressure that the international community and the Security should put on Houthi militias to ensure safe passages of aid to all people in areas still under militia control.

Explaining the need to work on the delivery of assistance and aid to beneficiaries and the development of mechanisms to help the United Nations to control this kind of operations in yemen.

This came in the declarations of the Yemeni Foreign Minister, Mohammad Al-Hadrami, during his meeting with the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, Liz Grandi, where they discussed the latest humanitarian situation in light of the exploitation of Houthi militias to the suffering of citizens and undermining the efforts to alleviate the human suffering of the Yemenis.

Al-Hadhrami pointed to the Yemeni government’s initiative to approve the entry of 10 ships loaded with oil derivatives, which Houthi militias have stopped fromentering to Hodeidah port by exerting pressure on traders to obstruct the implementation of the government’s decision No. 49 of 2019, which aims to collect tax and customs duties and other legal revenues in order to disburse the salaries of civilians in areas under Houthi control, he said.

For her part, the UN official stressed that the United Nations is doing everything possible to alleviate the suffering of citizens with all available resources.