Yemen’s Humanitarian Situation Deteriorates Every Hour

October 3, 2018

With the present fighting and constant changes in the front line, exceeding number of people are being displaced every day. Over 20 million people in Yemen required aid. DRC or Danish Refugee Council is known to be helping the people are newly displaced with food and access to clean water.

Hodeidah, the port city of Yemen has been subjected to heavy fighting in the last month with serious consequences for the civilians and extreme displacement. As per UN, over 470,000is known to have run away from the Hodeidah government since June. With millions of people displaced in the country, about 75% of the population depends on humanitarian aid.

Christian Gad, the DRC head of emergency has said that there is a constant change in the front line of Hodeidah. He says that they have met all displaced people who have run away fighting close to front line. At present, they live in make shift tent sites, collective shelters, and unfinished building. Often, rooms or buildings are shared by more than one family. The required are pretty huge and this is the reason DRC is seen to be scaling up in Yemen.

Just the numbers, speak for itself. Over 22 million people required humanitarian assistance, 8.4 million do not know where they are going to get their extra meal, and 17.8 are food insecure. In 2018, DRC is known to have scaled up emergency capacity in order to respond to what UN has labelled to be the worst crisis in humanitarian aspect.

Audrey Crawford, the DRC Country Director says that the situation in Yemen consist of a humanitarian catastrophe. Food scarcity, returnees, IDPs, diseases like cholera, and also ongoing fighting. It is a lot to maintain balance and they are doing everything in their power to save lives of people and improve the emergency operation. However, people of Yemen are fighting everyday against cholera, hunger, and targeted airstrikes. Such a huge scale suffering has never been seen.