Yemen’s prime minister : Our battle against the Iranian plan is existential

August 19, 2019

Yemen’s internationally-recognized legitimate prime minister, Mu’in Abdul-Malik, on Sunday expressed his country’s appreciation to the leadership, government and people of the Saudi-led Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy for its firm positions and unwavering support for Yemen’s unity and stability.

He stressed the position of the government and the coalition  that the existential and fateful battle, is against the Iranian project in Yemen, and not to allow any rebel militias to launch events of any kind to trap this goal.

This came during a meeting between the Yemeni Prime Minister and the British Ambassador to Yemen, Michael Aaron, where they discussed “unfortunate and unacceptable events in the interim capital Aden, and the efforts of the Coalition to support the legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia to contain the repercussions.”

The meeting praised the efforts exerted by the Saudi-led coalition to overcome what happened in the temporary capital Aden, and return to normal conditions to enable the government to continue its role in normalizing the situation and improve services and alleviate the suffering of citizens, and proceed to complete the restoration of the state and end the Iranian-backed Houthi sectarian insurgency According to the official Yemeni News Agency.

For his part, the British Ambassador reiterated his country’s continued support

for the legitimate Yemeni

government and its firm position to reject any moves to undermine its efforts to impose security and stability and complete efforts to restore the state. He pointed to the unified position of the international community in supporting Yemeni legitimacy and supporting the Saudi-led coalition’s efforts to achieve security and stability and end the suffering of the people The Yemeni.

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