Yemeni National army controls new areas in Saada

yemeni force
The Yemeni National Army, backed by the Arab Alliance, on Friday, controlled new areas in the Directorate of “Razih” in the province of Saada.
Military sources said that “the Yemeni army forces from the Arab coalition managed to control the new areas in the Directorate of Razih west of the province of Saada, amid the decline of large ranks of Houthi militias loyal to Iran.”
The sources explained that the army forces took full control of the areas of “Beit Hasran” and “Maatak Atom” and “Arisha”, and other sites in the Directorate.
The Yemeni army also controlled the positions of the pro- Iranian militias stationed in the areas of Al Zaher, Al Sharqa and the Health Unit in the same Directorate.
According to the military sources themselves, the control of these sites came after fierce confrontations by the army against the Houthi militias, whose elements fled towards Beni Moin and Al Ali, while the Arab coalition fighters
assigned these operations by targeting heavy weapons and sites and barracks.

Qatar-Omani propaganda demonises Arab coalition

qatar and oman
Reliable and well-informed sources have revealed to the media “Arabs” the confirmation that Qatar and Oman are plotting and leading a media propaganda campaign against the Arab coalition (Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) to tarnish the image. of the coalition, its actions protecting Yemen and all its military and humanitarian efforts during the last 5 years.
This loose and dirty media war led from the depths of the western city of Salalah, where Qatar and Oman deploy large financial and logistical means by putting them at the disposal of his agents Yemenis pro Iran to write monsenges and horrors of utterances and sharing on websites and
social networks, as it was recently observed a blatant escalation of a media war against the Arab coalition.
Journalists and active members of the Arab anti-coalition propaganda are pro-Iran Yemeni journalists living in the United States in Turkey and even in Qatar, and Yemeni journalists belonging to the legitimate regime of dual agents for Qatar, in order to harm the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
The media source also revealed that the goal of this loose propaganda is the distortion of the role of the Arab alliance and the demonization of its presence in Yemen, especially Socotra, claiming that the United Arab Emirates
and Saudi Arabia wants to ‘to grab.
The Al-Jazeera office in Muscat, led by a Yemeni extremist journalist, has become a state-of-the-art communications center for planning the anti-Arab coalition propaganda plan by producing and supplying information material from Yemeni territory in order to distort the role of the Arab alliance and to question its objectives.

Arab Coalition Launches Emergency Relief Campaign Following Floods in Yemen


The Arab Coalition to Recover Legitimacy in Yemen on Monday launched an emergency relief campaign, and an air bridge, to alleviate the struggling of these subject to heavy rain and floods in Aden and environment areas in Yemen.

Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, Spokesperson for the Coalition, claimed that the coalition was offering food, medicine, housing materials, reopening roads, draining flooded streets and residential areas, repairing electricity networks, spraying insecticides for post-flood pest management, and also offering shelter for replaced Yemenis in camps in Aden, Lahj and nearby cities.

In collaboration with the Combined Forces of the Yemeni Lawful Aid Coalition, both The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center(KSRelief), along with the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen(SDRPY), are involved in the Coalition’s emergency relief campaign.

For his part, Yemen’s Minister of Local Administration praised the Coalition’s quick reaction to the damage due to the floods and also preserved that the Yemeni government works in close coordination with donors to address the requirements of these subject to heavy rain and also floods.

UAE eliminating AL-QAEDA and terrorist organizations In Yemen

Surprise attack in eastern Yemen claims the lives of four soldiers
The United Arab Emirates contributed to the elimination of terrorism in the liberated provinces after the 2015 war in Yemen.
Where these groups threatened the security of Yemen, killing and destroying the country during the past years, taking advantage of the state of chaos in Yemen.
The Arab coalition has managed to fight these terrorist groups in those provinces until all of the zones came back under control and the terrorism presence has declined significantly.
UAE played a major role in the elimination of the terrorist groups in the governorate of Aden, where the Directorate of Mansoura was a center for those groups. The alliance was a guarantee of the security of the province in the detection and elimination of their leaders and the complete cleansing of the region.
General of the Security Forces of Aden, Maj. Gen. Shaleem Ali Chaia, revealed the role of the United Arab Emirates within the Arab Alliance in revealing the whereabouts of the Amir of the terrorist organization, Saleh Nasser Fadel Al-Bakhshi, who was killed by the security forces.
He said in a press statement that the security units of Aden were able, with the support of the Arab coalition forces to thwart a number of terrorist operations that were aimed at security headquarters and other civilian places in the capital and surroundings of Aden.
The UAE Ambassador to Washington Yousef Al Otaiba said that the UAE is making great progress in combating terrorist organizations in Yemen, while Qatar and Iran keep on funding and supporting terrorism”
The campaigns led by the UAE in Yemen resulted in the killing of many members of terrorist organizations, during the operations that targeted their villages, and strengthened the security situation in those governorates and led their peoples to live safe.

The Arab coalition recovers 85% of Yemen and saves it from the mullahs’ regime

Yemeni teacher turns his home into school for his students
While the Arab Alliance achieved many goals during its three-year war and recovered 85% of the territory of Yemen and rescued it from the hands of the mullahs’ terrorist regime, the Houthi militias, the “proxy of Iran”, still transcend the red lines.
Their intentions were revealed as a sectarian, political and military arm of Iran in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. The Houthi threat has erupted since the coup against the legitimate authority in Yemen by force of arms on 21 September 2014, the militias have committed crimes against the Yemenis
since the first day of the fall of Sana’a, and controlled them in a number of Yemeni provinces including Aden, Lahj, Dali, Abyan, and Shabwa.
The terrorist Houthis militias backed by Iran rejected the proposals of the Yemeni dialogue and agreements with the legitimate authority, until they completed their putsch and seized all the joints of the civil and military state, they repeatedly attacks on neighboring countries, like “Saudi Arabia” where they attacked Meccah and other civilian targets within the Kingdom.
the number of missiles sent is 227 ballistic missiles were, they
were all destroyed by the defenses of the Kingdom.
The Houthi armed militias threatened the international shipping corridor at Bab al-Mandab, and earlier targeted two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea. The latest attack on the oil pipelines in Dawadmi and Afif on the 14th of May was done through seven Iranian-made explosive devices, the drone attack didn’t cause any material and human damages but remains a threat to the
global economy.
The Iranian political, ideological, military and financial support encouraged the Huthi militias to break the national consensus, turn over the legitimate authority and take over the state’s sector, and then implemented regional agendas threatening the region. Therefore, the request was asked for help and assistance by the legitimate Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi
Arab coalition countries need.

The Arab Alliance worked to fight and stop the Houthi militias and behind them Iran. All the southern governorates were liberated except Al-Hala and Lahj after it began operations on March 25, 2015, about four years ago. It succeeded in saving Yemen from falling into Iran’s embrace. The regime of the mullahs in Tehran, who sought through the Houthi militias to find a foothold in to achieve regional expansion ambitions, exporting the Khomeini revolution and control of Bab al-Mandab.

The Arab Alliance provided all forms of political, military, economic and humanitarian support to the Yemen government, and without it, taking back 85 percent of the territories of Yemen wouldn’ have been possible.

Yemeni Education Minister: Al-Houthi militia destroyed 2,600 schools and educational structures

Saudi Arabia would be promoting Technical education in Yemen
Yemeni Education Minister Abdullah Lamels said on Sunday that the war of the Houthi destroyed the infrastructure of education, which is why the educational process in many provinces has been disrupted.
This came during the inauguration of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action in Riyadh for the “Together for Education in Yemen” project, in cooperation with the Saudi and Yemeni Ministries of Education and the Arab Coalition Forces Command.
Meles said that since the overthrow of the Houthi militia, backed by the Tehran regime, more than 2,600 schools in various Yemeni provinces have been destroyed.
He explained that the educational process in Yemen faces three challenges, two solved by Saudi efforts: the school book and the school chair, but the third challenge remains sand it is the buildings destroyed by the Houthi militias.
He added that the project, which was inaugurated will serve more than 50 thousand students, providing 50 thousand tables and seats, as well as other supplies, and the launch of programs and initiatives in the field of education.
The Yemeni minister said that the chairs and supplies will be distributed in 14 provinces, which make up 85% of the country’s land, while the cost of printing the textbook, $ 36 million is funded by the Gulf Cooperation Council.
He said that the Arab coalition forces have contributed
significantly in overcoming the difficulties faced by the educational process in the country.
Saudi Education Minister Hamad Al-Sheikh said that the
Kingdom’s leadership is keen on education and the continuation of the educational process in Yemen, as it is keen on education in Saudi Arabia.
In addition to the projects implemented by the King Salman Center, Al-Sheikh pointed to the allocation of 1240 seats for Yemeni students at Saudi universities annually.

More than 30 trucks crossing the Saudi border towards Yemen

UN Lauds Saudi Aid Center’s Humanitarian Role in Yemen
31 large relief trucks crossed the borders on Thursday 18 April 2019 carrying :
9,375 cartons of dates,
3,000 food baskets,
7,400 cartons of meat.
The aids were delivered by the King Salman Center for
Relief and Humanitarian Action targeting several Yemeni
governorates such as  Aden, Shabwa, and Marab.
The aid is part of the Kingdom’s ongoing support from the King Salman Relief Center to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people humanitarian crisis they are experiencing since years now.

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi drone capabilities in Yemen’s Sanaa

air force

The Arab coalition abetment the accepted government in Yemen appear aboriginal Saturday that it launched an operation antibacterial an arrangement of bombinate capabilities of the Houthi militia in an affected at the presidential alcazar breadth in Sanaa.

On April 10, the Arab Affiliation agent Colonel Turki al-Maliki accepted that the affiliation armament targeted a Houthi drones accomplishment bulb and an abundance absolute barrage pads, antibacterial them completely.

There were no actual letters of any casualties or damage.

According to al-Malki, the strikes are an addendum of aggressive operations that targeted and destroyed a chip arrangement of logistical capabilities and accessories for Houthi drones, as able-bodied as locations area adopted experts are present.

Al-Malki common the coalition’s charge to anticipate the Houthi militia from application these avant-garde capabilities, and to yield all the all-important measures to assure civilians as able-bodied as basic areas from the blackmail of drones.

He acclaimed that the coalition’s operations are in accordance with all-embracing altruistic law and its customs and that the coalition’s collective command took all the basic measures to assure civilians.