Yemeni army arrest the leader of the “Dahesh” in Taiz required internationally

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The Yemeni army announced on Saturday the arrest of the internationally wanted terrorist Bilal al-Wafi known as Abu al-Walid, leader of al-Qaeda organization in Taiz, southwest of the country.
A spokesman for the National Army in Taiz, Colonel Abdel Basset Bahr, said that the military force was able to arrest the wanted terrorist and classified on the list of international terrorism since years.
Called Bilal al-Wafi, nicknamed “Abu Walid” in one of the old houses in the village of Wahr, in the western countryside of the city.
Colonel Abdel Basset Bahr explained that “the arrest came after the siege of the old house for several hours, after he refused to surrender and resisted until he was arrested, along with a number of projectiles.”
Al-Wafi had been strewn around the house and detained women and children as human shields. However, the members of the army “treated the situation with professionalism and there were not injured.”
Since mid-2017, al-Wafi has been a key member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.
In mid-October 2017, the US Treasury Department listed Bilal al-Wafi as one of Yemen’s most dangerous terrorist.
Al-Wafi is one of the most dangerous terrorist elements wanted by the security services in Taiz. The security services accused him of assassinating the National Army soldiers in Taiz, inciting extremist cells and groups and setting up training camps for the terrorist.