Yemen calls on the United Nations to pressure the Houthis to relief Hodeidah

United Nations to pressure the Houthis to relief Hodeidah

Yemen’s legitimate government on Tuesday called on the United Nations to intervene urgently and put pressure on the Houthi coup militia to bring relief aid to the besieged population in the city of Duraimi in the western province of Hodeidah.

The Minister of Local Administration and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Relief in Yemen, Abdul Raqeeb Fateh, denounced the Houthi militia prevented the World Food Program from bringing aid to the people in Duraimi. He described this behavior as “terrorist and contrary to international and humanitarian laws.”

Fatah, in a statement published by the official Yemeni News Agency, called on the UN team from the Swedish agreement to monitor the redeployment to exercise its role in obliging the militias to allow the urgent introduction of aid and recording these violations and to address the international community with all these actions by the coup militias. In coordination with the World Food Program (WFP) and humanitarian organizations to bring aid to Hodeidah Governorate as a result of the urgent humanitarian need of the people in these areas.

The Yemeni official reiterated his call on the international community to put pressure on the militias to allow the organizations quick access to those in need in those areas.

He stressed that the continuation of the coup militias violations against the relief operation proves the scale of terrorism of this group, and the risk of continued control of some areas and provinces, pointing out that these actions and violations must be met with firm and serious positions to end and ensure that they do not recur.

Houthi militias have blocked the UN World Food Program (WFP) for the fourth time since Sweden agreed to deliver humanitarian aid to families (40 families) that the militias use as human shields in residential neighborhoods still under their control in Duraimi, south of Hodeidah

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister : UN must oblige Houthis to implement Stockholm agreement

: UN must oblige Houthis to implement Stockholm agreement

Yemeni Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdullah al-Hadrami on Saturday called on the UN Security Council to “force the Houthis to implement the Stockholm agreement by withdrawing from the city and ports of Hodeidah and implementing the agreement to release prisoners and lift the siege on the city of Taiz.”

He expressed Yemen’s appreciation for the support of the brothers in the Saudi-led coalition, stressing that Yemen was able to “restrain the sacrifices of the resistance and support our brothers to rein in the madness of the Houthi militias that have destroyed everything beautiful in Yemen,” according to the Yemeni news agency “Saba” of the Yemeni government in Aden. .

He stressed that “Iran and its military arms in our Arab region, including the Houthis and Hezbollah, pose a serious threat to national security,” pointing out that “Iran has caused great damage to Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula,” condemning the attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais.

The Yemeni foreign minister also praised the roleof UAE and donor friends and brothers who stood with Yemen in a time of hardship and helped alleviate the burden of the humanitarian crisis by supporting humanitarian response plans or providing direct assistance.

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Houthi mine kills Yemeni child in Hodeidah

Houthi mine

A landmine planted by the Houthi militia killed of a 10-year-old boy on Sunday in al-Khokha district, south of Hodeida province, west of Yemen.
According to local sources, a landmine planted by Houthi militias exploded, killing a child, Abdo Yousef Hassan, while he was grazing sheep in the village of “Yabili” east of the Directorate of Khokha.

The child, Abdo Yusuf, went out to graze the sheep in an area near his house in the village of al-Yabili, and when he passed through a farm, the mine exploded, it was a mine left over from what was planted by the houthis militias ,the 10 years old kid died on the spot.

A number of families tried to rescue the child and took him to the field hospital in Al-Khokha, but it was too late !

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The Arab Coalition cleans Hodeidah from the Houthi militias

Arab Coalition cleans Hodeidah

The Arab Coalition Forces in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen launched a military operation north of Hodeidah governorate to destroy military targets belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia.

Col. Turki al-Maliki, the coalition spokesman, said that the coalition forces carried out a targeted operation north of Hodeidah on Friday against hostile targets of the Houthi terrorist militia threatening regional and international security.

Colonel al-Maliki explained that the destroyed targets included (4) . remote-controlled boats as well as naval mines.These sites are used to carry out hostilities and terrorist operations that threaten maritime shipping lines and international trade in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the southern Red Sea. He added that the Houthi terrorist militia is based in Hodeidah

province to launch ballistic missiles, drones, and remote-controlled boats, as well as the deployment of naval mines, in clear violation of international humanitarian law and in violation of the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement and the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah.

He stressed that the command of the joint forces of the coalition has the legitimate right to take and implement appropriate deterrent measures to deal with these legitimate military objectives, in accordance with international humanitarian law and customary rules, while continuing to support all political efforts to implement the Stockholm Agreement and end the coup.

The spokesman for the coalition forces, Col. Turki al-Maliki, said that the coalition naval system spotted this morning an attempt by the Houthi terrorist militias to carry out an imminent hostile and terrorist action in the southern Red Sea.

The Houthi militias blocks food ships from entring Hodeidah port

food ships from entring Hodeidah port

The Arab Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen confirmed on Friday the continuation of granting permits to all ships bound for Yemeni ports.

The Arab alliance accused the pro-Iranian Houthi militia of obstructing the entry of ships to Hodeida port on the west coast of the country
The Arab alliance explained that the terrorist militias are blocking the entry of the ships “TOROS M” and “LE RUBY” despite the fact that both ships are loaded with food.

The spokesman for the coalition forces Colonel Turki al-Maliki said earlier that the joint coalition forces carried out a dawn operation inHodeidah province against hostile targets belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia that threaten regional and international security

Hodeidah: Redeployment Committee “optimistic despite obstacles”


Acting Chairman of the Redeployment Coordinating Committee in support of the Hodeidah Agreement, General Hani Nakhla, revealed in his first talk to media, that the atmosphere of negotiations between the Yemeni government and the Houthis in Hodeidah is positive, despite some field and political obstacles.

He added that “the Yemeni parties deal positively with the talks,

Lebanese-born Nakhla is the chairman of the Hudaydah Redeployment Coordination Committee and  ceasefire. The Commission has exclusive powers to implement the Stockholm Agreement signed in December 2018, a time-bound military-field commission.

“The work of the committee is technical, which facilitates interaction among its members,” he said. “There was an agreement between the two communities to activate the ceasefire and put the mechanism for them, and most importantly, the intentions between the two parties are positive, and there is enthusiasm and rush, which are encouraging and good,” he said.

The sixth meeting of the committee at sea ended on Monday aboard a UN ship in the open waters off Hodeidah, western Yemen, headed by General Nakhla, in the presence of representatives of the legitimate government and the Houthis. At the conclusion of its Joint Meeting, the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) announced the establishment and operation of the Joint Operations Center at the Mission’s headquarters in Hodeidah, comprising liaison officers from both parties (the legitimate Yemeni Government and the Houthis), as well as UNMIS officers.

General Hani Nakhla pointed out that “the committee’s meetings are over, and we are now preparing the final conclusions, and the Stockholm agreement will remain in place”, he talked about field, political and technical obstacles that delay some aspects of the agreement.

Refraining from giving any further information about the talks, noting that the atmosphere is positive, Nakhla stressed that “the basic objectives of the Stockholm Agreement in Hodeidah have been achieved and some field and political objectives are still being pursued.”

The Redeployment Coordination Committee has activated the truce mechanism and reinforced the ceasefire agreed upon at its previous meeting last July.

“The implementation of the Commission’s work, particularly the stabilization and completion of redeployment, is linked to the completion of other files outside the jurisdiction of the Commission,” he said, declining to give further details given the sensitivity of those issues. “The committee is determined to stabilize the steps it takes, even if they are slow, and prefer to let things go away from the media,” he said.

It is noteworthy that the Yemeni government and the Houthis had reached an agreement on Hodeidah within the framework of the Stockholm agreement in December 2018, but it could not be implemented since then, due to obstacles set by Houthi militias,As well as resorting to unilateral steps to represent its withdrawal from the ports through the withdrawal of its elements in popular attire and the replacement of other elements affiliated to them as Coast Guard forces, which was rejected by the legitimate government and considered a play.

Perhaps the most problematic provision of the Stockholm Convention is how to deal with the security forces in Hodeidah, as well as how to deal with port revenues.

UAE red crescent keeps on saving lives on Hodeidah


The UAE Red Crescent mobile clinics  continuefor the second day in a row their free emergency services to save the lives of dozens of families in remote areas endemic in Hodeidah province on the west coast of Yemen.

The head of the medical team in charge of field descent, Dr. Ali Al-Mouri, said that the Red Crescent reached the villages hosting displaced people southwest of Al-Tahita district yesterday after receiving a distress from families after Five children were killed and 80 injured, mostly children from displaced families and villagers.

The two clinics arrived in the targeted villages and provided free medical care for more than 80 cases of children, women and elderly men with acute watery diarrhea.

They also provided nutritional supplements for malnourished children.

Al-Ghuwairik, along with its 130 families, hosts more than 150 families displaced from the mountainous area, which is still subjected to daily mortar shelling by Houthi militia.

UAE Mobile clinics rescue Yemenis in Taiz and Hodeidah villages


From one place to another, mobile medical clinics from the UAE tour the southern countryside of Hodeidah governorate, in western Yemen, providing free medical and treatment services to thousands of Yemeni patients.

Since the beginning of last week, mobile clinics have stepped up their medical operations in remote areas between Taiz and Hodeidah governorates, which are ravaged by the epidemics of “diarrhea”, “cholera”, “dengue” and “malaria”, and succeeded in saving the lives of many patients who were suffering from Highest levels of infection.

It has also continued to treat hundreds of cases of other respiratory, anemia, skin and severe malnutrition in children and the reproductive system.

The water diarrhea epidemic in the past two days has killed five people and injured more than 80, including children who fled with their families to escape Houthi terrorism in Hodeidah to a remote West Coast town, according to the Health Office of Al-Tahita Directorate.

For the second day in a row, a medical team from the UAE Red Crescent Authority, working with two medical clinics, is working to provide free emergency treatment services to dozens of people suffering from watery diarrhea epidemics in the villages of Al-Ghuwairq, Al-Thukair and Al-Saqf, which is affiliated to Al-Tahita south of Hodeidah.

The UAE Red Crescent field medical team reported that two mobile clinics with full supplies had responded to a distress call by residents to save their lives from an epidemic that swept their villages late last week .

The head of the field team, Dr. Ali Al-Mouri, said in a statement that the mobile clinics had succeeded in providing medical care for more than 80 cases, mostly women, children, the elderly and suffering from acute watery diarrhea.

The team also provides nutritional supplements for severely malnourished children in these impoverished villages to the south-west of the Red Sea district of Tahita

FadlBaswaid, the epidemiologist at the Health Bureau in Tahta, confirmed that the epidemic almost killed the population and displaced people in the absence of any medical interventions of the concerned international and local organizations.However, the emergency response of the UAE Red Crescent saved dozens of lives from actual death.

Baswaid thanked the UAE for standing with the people of Hodeidah and all the inhabitants of the West Coast towns, pointing out that the humanitarian and relief work in the UAE has contributed greatly to alleviate the suffering of the people and displaced people and normalize life in the liberated areas.

Mobile medical clinics target communities of displaced people in liberated areasThe average number of cases of treatment received in one of the districts was more than 1000 cases of various diseases.

YEMEN: the visit of the Director of Hawk to the inhabitants of Al-Massani near the seam lines in Hodeidah

The Director General of the Directorate of Hawk in Hodeidah province, AymanSulaimanJaramsh, visited the area of ??Al-Massani, east of Hodeidah.

Al-Masani is one of the most deprived areas of the most basic life services because it occurs near the seam lines in the city of Hodeidah, which is surrounded by a network of mines and explosives planted by the Huthi militias in the fields, houses and roads .

During the visit, Jaramesh listened to citizens’ complaints, their suffering and their needs for a number of basic services, such as relief assistance, as well as  THE  permanent risk of the Houthi mines deployed in the region.

The Director of the Hawk called on all international and local organizations to intensify their visit to the Massennia region and assess the magnitude of the humanitarian disaster experienced by the people and to provide relief and service assistance , he appreciated  the continuous efforts exerted by the UAE Red Crescent Society in providing relief and humanitarian assistance to the people of the region.

The Director of the Hawk Directorate called on the engineering teams to demine the West Coast and to intensify their efforts in surveying and clearing the entire area of ??those mines that have threatened the life of citizens.

Yemen: NO withdrawal of Houthi from Hodeidah , NO UN inspection

The internationally recognized  Yemeni government tied on Wednesday the implementation of the  UN inspection and verification mechanism at the ports of Hodeidah  to the withdrawal of the Huthi militia from the Red Sea coastal city of Yemen.

No withdrawal no IVM

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Yemen, Mohammad Hadrami, said that the implementation of the mechanism “will only be achieved in the required way if  the implementation of the Hodeidah agreement (the withdrawal of Houthis from the city and ports of Hodeidah agreed upon the Stockholm Agreement) is implemented .”

Al-Hadrami warned of “the dangers of the deterioration of the status of Safer oil floating tank in the port of RasIssa in Hodeidah and the

Houthiscontiniousobstruction and opposition to the UN teams to reach it, despite the government’s efforts to avoid a serious environmental disaster that will affect Yemen and the whole region.”

The meeting discussed  the operation of  mechanism implementation in the ports of the Red Sea in accordance with the Stockholm Agreement and discussing the risks of the deterioration of the floating saafer tank in RasIssa.

The Yemeni Deputy Foreigne  Minister said that the  Houthis, “are responsible of the obstruction of the international assessment to  Saffar,” which contains more than one million barrels of oil, calling on the

United Nations to “bear its legal and moral responsibility and put pressure on the Houthis by all means.”

“The mechanism is keen to facilitate the smooth flow of goods and services to Yemeni ports while ensuring compliance with the arms embargo pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2216,” the head of the United Nations verification and inspection mechanism said. Praising the interaction and keenness of the legitimate government to address the status of the reservoir and provide all the necessary facilities for the United Nations team. “

The United Nations verification and inspection mechanism was established in Yemen in 2015 with the Alliance accusing the Houthis of smuggling Iranian missiles and weapons through Yemeni ports under their control, including Hodeidah.