UAE supplied Taiz hospitals with 12 tons of nutritional supplements

12 tons of nutritional supplements

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has distributed 12 tons of nutritional supplements to the hospitals of the Yemeni province of Taiz.

The UAE support donations was handed over to the public health office in the province of Taiz where is it used for The treatment of cases of severe malnutrition among mothers and children who come to the province’s hospitals to receive health care.

Dr. Ali Saeed, deputy director of the health office at the Directorate of Muzaffar, said that these supplements will contribute to raising the performance of medical services in hospitals for mothers and sick children suffering from health problems, including malnutrition.

He continued that in this regard, a convoy loaded with these supplements was directed to hospitals in Taiz in general and Al-WafaCenter for Motherhood and Childhood in particular, which receives hundreds of cases of malnutrition.

The patients appreciated the support provided by the United Arab Emirates to alleviate their suffering and contribute to stabilizing the health conditions of the population of the province in general.

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, has provided diverse support to citizens in a number of Yemeni governorates since the beginning of the war.

UAE Red Crescent delivers ambulances and medicines to Hospitals in Taiz


The UAE Red Crescent Authority, handed over the local authority of the Mukha district of Taiz governorate, on Wednesday  two ambulances and new quantities of medicines to Al Mukha General Hospital, as part of the emergency response and the continued support by the UAE to the health sector in the West Coast and all Yemeni directorates and governorates freed from the grip of Houthi militias.

In the past few weeks, the UAE has increased its support for the health sector in all the liberated areas and districts of the West Coast.

A new shipment of medicines and integrated laboratory solutions has been delivered to enable the hospital to fight epidemics and provide free services to citizens.

Mr. Sultan Mahmoud, Director General of Mocha Directorate expressed his happiness and thanks for the leading role played by the UAE through its humanitarian arm (Red Crescent Authority) to support and revive the health sector in the Directorate in order to alleviate the suffering of citizens

With the support of UAE.. Al-Muwasat Hospital in Taiz is conducted more than 600 surgeries within 3 months


With the support and help of the UAE and through his red crescent Yesterday, in the hospital of the rural mediator, a surgery was conducted s to eradicate large fibroids of a twenty-year-old girl from a poor and family, in the countryside of the province of Taiz.



The doctors removed the large tumors in the uterus of a young woman (20 years old ) after undergoing surgery for hours in a rural hospital supported by the United Arab Emirates through the UAE Red Crescent humanitarian wing in Yemen.



The patient and her powerless and poor family faced severe suffering for several days after many hospitals refused to carry out the operation without payment.



At the Al-Mansart Rural Hospital in Nishmeh, supported by the UAE Red Crescent, the operation was performed free of charge for the patient, the removal of many uterine tumors, and the eradication of her uterus



Over the past three months, the Al-Mawasit Rural Hospital has operated more than 600 major and minor surgeries, as well as various medical services, licenses and radiology, and continues to provide free services. The daily operations are free of charge with the support and funding of the UAE.


The coordinator of the UAE Red Crescent in rural stone DR. Hisham Al-Hammadi: The hospital receives hundreds of medical and surgical cases every day, we provide them with various medical services, and operations free of charge, with the support of the UAE, for all patients from 5 directorates who visit the hospital.

UAE provides AL-DALIA hospital with medicines and medical supplies

UAE provides AL-DALIA hospital with medicines and medical supplies

The United Arab Emirates has provided the field hospital in Al-Dali’a with medicines and medical supplies.


Dr. Nabil Al-Afif, Undersecretary of Al-Dhala Governorate, praised the support provided by the UAE through its arm for humanitarian work, the Red Crescent Authority. He said that these medicines and medical supplies will contribute to improving health and medical services for beneficiaries in Al-Dhala.


The UAE continues to support the Yemeni governorates with various development and service projects in order to alleviate the suffering of Yemeni citizens and normalize life in the targeted governorates. The UAE Red Crescent Society continues to launch projects throughout the governorates, including rural areas and remote areas.


Water crisis


The projects, which were opened in June, were completed by the end of the month of June itself. The United Arab Emirates, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, completed the water crisis in the West Coast landscape area by providing drinking water to the residents of the area through vehicles that fill the water tanks distributed in front of the citizens’ homes in the area.


In Shabwa governorate, received  an integrated solar water pumping unit that was opened in Al-Dima and Al-Gheleh districts in Mirkha Directorate, benefiting

residents of the two regions and neighboring villages.


Supporting  fishermen


The fishermen of the West Coast during the occupation of the Houthi militias were exposed to difficulties and problems and stopped working, which caused them great suffering because the fishing was their only source of income. But Since the liberation of the West Coast, The aid included various types of fishing gear and equipment, which will contribute to increasing the quantities of fishing and improving the living conditions of fishermen and their families and raise the level of services provided to Yemeni citizens and normalize the situation.


In the Directorate of Al Tahita in Hodeidah Governorate, the fish landing center in Al Muteena area was inaugurated after the UAE Red Crescent Authority completed the construction of the project, which consists of Haraj Square, a management room and an integrated solar energy system.


This project will dramatically end the suffering of fishermen as a result of the lack of a fish landing center in the past. The number of fishing boats and fishermen has increased, Indicating the importance of the existence of this facility, which will benefit the population of those areas and more than 9 thousand people.

With UAE support “Al-Muzaffar” hospital is restored and reopened

Red crescent
Al-Muzaffar Hospital was inaugurated in the Yemeni city of Taiz after rehabilitation and restoration of all its sections and wings, repairing its electricity network and providing generators and energy systems all done by the UAE.
Dr. Elan Abdelhak confirmed that the rehabilitation and repairs carried out in all parts of the hospital were supported by the UAE and expressed gratitude to the UAE for its continuous help aid and support for the Yemeni people.
Engineer Rashad al-Akhali, the undersecretary of the governorate expressed his sincere thanks for the rapid intervention by the UAE and the restoration of the hospital, which serves many of the sons of Taiz.
Eng. Muhayeb al-Hakimi, Technical Affairs Officer in Taiz, praised the UAE’s great efforts in repairing and restoring the hospital.
Al-Hakimi expressed the gratitude of the local authority represented by Nabil Shamsan, Governor of Taiz, for the humanitarian actions brings back the city to life.
Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Samai, Director of the Health Bureau in Taiz, said that as usual UAE was the first to respond to calls from the people of the Old City in order to rehabilitate Al- Muzaffar Hospital.
The rehabilitation of the hospital was the second initiative by the UAE Red Crescent in less than a year. At the end of last year, Al-Muzaffar Hospital was equipped with quantifier equipment, that made the hospital operative again, for operations, orthopedics, general surgery, and intensive care, all these departments were out of service for years.