Houthi rebels killed 12 civilians in south Yemen attacks

bomb blasting

Government officials said on Sunday that Houthi rebels attacks in southern Yemen have killed 12 civilians over two days.

A mother and four children were killed by a rebel rocket in the government-controlled Jebel Habashi part of Taez province on Sunday, a local official told AFP.

Local media reported, “The rebels aimed the village of Musharraf between the areas of Maafer and Jebel Habashi next to the besieged city of Taez, destroying the five family members”.

The official said the Katyusha rocket totally ruined the family’s home around 35 kilometers west of Taez city, that is controlled by pro-government forces yet surrounded by the rebels. Yemen’s third-largest city has been at the center of the country’s damaging four-year civil war.

On Saturday, seven members of a family, including two women, were killed in Houthi shelling in Qataba region of Al Dhalea province, officials said.

The attack was accomplished in the field of the province in which government forces are fighting to recapture territory seized by the Houthis earlier this month.

Yemen has been embroiled in a civil conflict pitting the Iran-backed Houthis against the government of President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi since March 2015.

The government is supported by a Saudi-led military coalition that has carried out air strikes against the rebels and supplied equipment and training for government forces.

On Saturday, coalition strikes killed and wounded a number of rebel fighters in Taez and ruined their military vehicles, the Saudi Media reported.

The battle has devastated Yemen, already the poorest Arab nation, and produced what the UN states is the world’s most awful humanitarian crisis, with millions of people dependent on help to survive.

The United Nations is attempting to broker a political sacrifice to conclude the conflict yet a UN-brokered plan to quit combating in the essential port city of Hodeidah final December has however to be executed.

The warring sides needed consenting to a ceasefire along with a troop withdrawal from Hodeidah, considered confidence-building calculates to pave the opportunity for speaks on developing a transitional government.