The houthis violations of human rights in AL-DALI provence

human rights in AL-DALI provence

A recent human rights report has revealed that the Houthi militia has committed thousands of violations and crimes against civilians in al-Dali ‘province, southern Yemen, during the past two months.

According to the report issued by the media center of the province of Dali, the Houthi militias have committed 10123 violations against civilians in the province of Dali, by launching series of attacks during the previous two months, stressing that the Houthi group did not succeed in achieving its military objectives, but in On the other hand, it succeeded in deepening the humanitarian violations against civilians.

According to the report, the Center’s monitoring team documented 130 cases of murder, including 12 children, 10 women 40 children and 22 women were arrested, hundreds of abductions, including 10 children.

The report pointed out that the Houthi militias deliberately used a policy of systematic destruction of the infrastructure of public or private property, service facilities, health and educational institutions, houses, farms and places of worship,

Even the mosques have not been spared from these attacks, where the destruction of 5 mosques has been documented.

Militias have also targeted schools and educational institutions, denying education to thousands of university students and schoolchildren.

The report identified 21 violations in the education sector, including the destruction of 3 schools in total, 6 in part, 2 university colleges and 2 technical and vocational institutes, the conversion of 8 schools into military barracks, the attack on an ambulance and 3 paramedics.

The Houthi militias planted individual mines on public roads and near the homes of citizens indiscriminately.

The report also documented the killing of a journalist and the injury of two during their coverage of the battles.

The report pointed out that the figures and statistics clearly reveal the humanitarian impasse in the province of Al-Dhala, calling on human rights and humanitarian organizations to be to reduce violations against civilians in the province carried out by the Houthi militia.

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The Houthi militia holds shipments of medicines

Houthi militia holds shipments of medicines

Once and again the Houthi militia seized a new shipment of medicines, belonging to the organization “Doctors Without Borders” at Sanaa International Airport.

The Houthi militia is holding a new shipment of medicines that arrived via the United Nations airways more than a week agoat Sanaa International Airport.

The Houthi militia asked the organization to return some types of medicines, claiming that the health situation in Yemen does not need them, while the market lacks these drugs for the treatment of some chronic diseases.

The militia is putting great pressure on UN and international organizations working in the health field to give priority to the medical needs of the wounded fighters, threatening to obstruct the work of those organizations in areas under their control.

The militia Houthi had prevented, on Monday, the entry of the representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Yemen, Ahmed al-Obeid, to the country, and ordered his plane to take off shortly after landing in (Sanaa).

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Houthi militia´s fake allegations

Houthi militia´s fake allegations

Iran’s al-Houthi militiais promoting untrue allegations aimed at misleading international and regional public opinion, a spokesman for the Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen said on Monday.

Maliki said during a press conference, that the Iranian Houthi militias tried to circumvent the units of the National Army, but the coalition forces foiled the attempt.

He pointed out that one of the most important threats to regional and international security is the threat of Houthi militias, using weapons, especially ballistic missiles and drones.

The threat of IranianHouthi militias also includes shipping lines and international trade in the Bab al-MandabStrait and the southern RedSea, he said.

Al-Maliki pointed out that the Houthi militias did not abide by the Stockholm agreement, especially its three understandings with regard to prisoners and ports, including the port of Hodeidah.

A spokesman for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy said that the Iranian Houthi militias are still continuing to threaten maritime navigation and international trade.

He stressed that the coalition plays an important role in neutralizing the houthis, saying: “We are working 24 hours to neutralize the threat of drones and speedboats, especiallyfromHodeidah.”

Al-Maliki showed pictures of targeting coalition forces and workshops to manufacture booby-trapped boats belonging to the Houthi militias on the Yemeni coasts.

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Inflation threatens Yemen’s economy

Yemen's economy

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies revealed a huge inflation in the public salaries sector in Yemen after the the Houthi militias added thousands of names to the payroll of the military and security services.

The Sana’a Center report said that the inflation as a cumulative result of mismanagement of employment policies and administrative corruption because the payroll included a large number of fake names and double employment, and military and security leaders received financial and in-kind privileges.

Yemen faces a large budget deficit, estimated at 660 billion Yemeni rials in 2018, equivalent to $ 1.24 billion.

According to the report, public sector salaries represent 39.33% of expenditures provided in the first section of the government budget for 2019, and does not include government expenditures on other bodies and funds that are outside the first chapter.

Spending for the public wage sector rose from 977 million riyals in the 2014 budget to 1.2 billion riyals in the 2019 budget, although the houthis paid only about half of its employees.

About half a million employees in Sana’a and the rest of the Houthi-controlled provinces remain without salaries for nearly two and a half years, while the government pays the salaries of state employees in their areas on a monthly basis, including half a million military personnel.

This month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged the Yemeni government to pursue better economic policies, improve revenue collection and intensify efforts to control and rationalize spending, particularly spending on the public sector wage bill.

According to the Sana’a Center report, the continuation of this situation threatens to undermine any expected economic recovery or future stability in Yemen.

The Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies report made recommendations to reduce the public sector salary bill, relating to the Government undertaking an assessment to estimate the increase in salary records.

The report stressed the need to reduce administrative corruption through the electronic fingerprint system to identify all employees.

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A deadly Houthi rocket landed in Saada

Houthi rocket landed in Saada

Iran’s Houthi militia fired a ballistic missile from Amranprovince , a missile that landed inside the northern province of Saada, said the Arab Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen .

The spokesman of the Arab coalition, Col. Turki al-Maliki, said that the pro-Iranian Houthi militias continue to violate international humanitarian law and its rules by firing ballistic missiles on civilians and their properties.

Al-Maliki, the leadership of the joint forces of the coalition continues to take strict and deterrent measures to neutralize and destroy these ballistic missiles to protect civilians inside Yemen, and to protect and maintain regional and international security.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel al-Jubeir, stressed that the international community had a great responsibility to put an end to Iran’s aggressive and subversive actions and policies that shake the security and stability of the region.

The Saudi minister said that the Kingdom “has taken a defensive position, unlike Iran, which fired 260 Iranian-made ballistic missiles through its militias, and more than 150 drones.Iran established militias in the region and support terrorism,

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The Houthi paralyses the banking market

Banking market

The pro-Iranian Houthi militias have suspended the operation of six financial exchange networks across their control areas without giving reasons for the decision, which came as part of a series of Houthi measures to hit the banking market.

A statement issued by the Central Bank, which is under the control of the houthis militias in Sanaa, said it had decided to “suspend the licenses granted to conduct remittance activities for a number of exchange networks until further notice”,

The statement also warned against dealing with these banking networks
It seems clear that the reasons behind this decision are related to Houthi efforts to impose levies on these banking networks.

Houthi militias have taken a series of measures aimed at undermining the banking sector and forcing its shareholders to pay huge sums, including closing dozens of banks and replacing them with others that follow their leadership, as well as raising the prices of remittances and forcing bankers to pay huge sums.

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Houthi mine kills Yemeni child in Hodeidah

Houthi mine

A landmine planted by the Houthi militia killed of a 10-year-old boy on Sunday in al-Khokha district, south of Hodeida province, west of Yemen.
According to local sources, a landmine planted by Houthi militias exploded, killing a child, Abdo Yousef Hassan, while he was grazing sheep in the village of “Yabili” east of the Directorate of Khokha.

The child, Abdo Yusuf, went out to graze the sheep in an area near his house in the village of al-Yabili, and when he passed through a farm, the mine exploded, it was a mine left over from what was planted by the houthis militias ,the 10 years old kid died on the spot.

A number of families tried to rescue the child and took him to the field hospital in Al-Khokha, but it was too late !

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The Arab Coalition cleans Hodeidah from the Houthi militias

Arab Coalition cleans Hodeidah

The Arab Coalition Forces in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen launched a military operation north of Hodeidah governorate to destroy military targets belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia.

Col. Turki al-Maliki, the coalition spokesman, said that the coalition forces carried out a targeted operation north of Hodeidah on Friday against hostile targets of the Houthi terrorist militia threatening regional and international security.

Colonel al-Maliki explained that the destroyed targets included (4) . remote-controlled boats as well as naval mines.These sites are used to carry out hostilities and terrorist operations that threaten maritime shipping lines and international trade in the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the southern Red Sea. He added that the Houthi terrorist militia is based in Hodeidah

province to launch ballistic missiles, drones, and remote-controlled boats, as well as the deployment of naval mines, in clear violation of international humanitarian law and in violation of the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement and the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah.

He stressed that the command of the joint forces of the coalition has the legitimate right to take and implement appropriate deterrent measures to deal with these legitimate military objectives, in accordance with international humanitarian law and customary rules, while continuing to support all political efforts to implement the Stockholm Agreement and end the coup.

The spokesman for the coalition forces, Col. Turki al-Maliki, said that the coalition naval system spotted this morning an attempt by the Houthi terrorist militias to carry out an imminent hostile and terrorist action in the southern Red Sea.

The Houthi militias blocks food ships from entring Hodeidah port

food ships from entring Hodeidah port

The Arab Coalition for Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen confirmed on Friday the continuation of granting permits to all ships bound for Yemeni ports.

The Arab alliance accused the pro-Iranian Houthi militia of obstructing the entry of ships to Hodeida port on the west coast of the country
The Arab alliance explained that the terrorist militias are blocking the entry of the ships “TOROS M” and “LE RUBY” despite the fact that both ships are loaded with food.

The spokesman for the coalition forces Colonel Turki al-Maliki said earlier that the joint coalition forces carried out a dawn operation inHodeidah province against hostile targets belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia that threaten regional and international security

France : Aramco was not attacked from Yemen

Aramco was not attacked from Yemen

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Laudrian questioned the Houthis’ claim for the Saudi oil facilities, known as “Aramco attacks,” saying it isnot possible”.”It is not true that the Houthis in Yemen attacked Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia. Their claim of the attack cannot be taken into account,” he said.

The group “Ansar Allah” last Saturday, claimed that they did a drone attack on two oil facilities belonging to the Saudi oil giant “Aramco” in “Abqaiq” and “HijratKhurais” in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

However, a spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen, Turki al-Maliki, said initial investigations into the attack on oil facilities in the kingdom indicated that the weapons used were Iranian.

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday showed remnants of the Iranian drones and cruise missiles used to attack Saudi oil facilities, saying they were “undeniable” evidence of Iranian aggression.

For his part, the Iranian Defense Minister Amir Khatami, said that the group “Ansar Allah” carried out the attack on oil facilities “by their own means.”.