Yemen refuses to renegotiate Stockholm agreement

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The Yemeni government confirmed on Sunday its refusal to renegotiate the Stockholm agreement and reiterated its commitment to the withdrawal of the Huthi militia from the province of Hodeidah and its ports in order to properly
implement the agreement that has been in effect for more than half a year.
During a meeting with British Ambassador to Yemen Fiona Walker, Yemeni Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammad al- Hadrami called for the activation of the role of the Coordination Committee for the redeployment in Hodeidah, including the tripartite monitoring mechanism.
He stressed the need for a real and complete withdrawal of the Huthi militias from the city and ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Issa. He noted that the Government would re-engage positively with the efforts of UN Envoy Martin Griffith to bring the peace process back on track, in accordance with the three
terms of reference and the essence and spirit of the Sweden Agreement.
He said that this does not mean accepting the actions of the Huthis of the so-called “unilateral withdrawal”, and that the government’s approach will focus on re-routing and correcting the peace process according to what was agreed
Hadrami stressed that it is important that the United Nations mandate be implemented in connection with the implementation of the Hodeidah Agreement. “The mandate of the UNSCOM and the UN mission to implement the Hodeidah agreement does not include a renegotiation of the Stockholm agreement by the United Nations, but rather an implementation of what has been agreed upon – the withdrawal of the Huthis from the city and ports of Hodeidah.”
The Yemeni official stressed the importance of understanding the fact that the failure to expose the obstruction of the Houthis to the agreement during the process of UN mediation, does not help the UN envoy, but make it a more difficult task.

Yemen truce collapses and new battles around Hodeidah port started

Yemen’s army eliminates massive number of Houthis in five day fight
The truce in Yemen is collapsing with the renewed fighting around the port of HODEIDAH, the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith immediately reacted and warned in a very serious tone about the fightings, and how it threatens the peace plan in full, where the Houthis were supposed to withdraw from the port as well as two other ports on the Red Sea, which began last Monday but is now threatened.
The escalation comes a day after the Houthi attack on two Saudi oil installations using a marlin aircraft. He pointed out that the Yemeni government recognized by the United Nations is deeply suspicious about the commitment of the Huthis to withdraw from Hodeidah and other sites they agreed to withdraw from, adding that the clashes, which broke out shortly after the start of the withdrawal and included a mutual artillery shelling between government forces on the one hand and the Iranian-backed
Houthis on the other have left little opportunity to complete the deal.