The Iranian- Houthi arrangements for a military operation in the Red Sea

Military members in the Red sea

A senior security source in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, western Yemen, has revealed arrangements being made by officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to carry out a major military operation in the Red Sea.

The source, said that the Iranian officers have been visiting for the city of July 7, east of Hodeidah, within days of this process, which requires arrangements  that the Houthis will adopt later.

The source suggested that the battleships and tankers in the Red Sea off the Yemeni coast would be the target of this operation.

The US government had revealed a senior leadership presence in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Yemen, whose name is Abdul-Ridha Shalahi, and offered a financial reward of $ 15 million, for those who provide information to reach him.

The French magazine Intelligence Online, specialized in intelligence affairs, published new information about the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, and said that he was in Sana’a at the head of a force to provide support to the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen.

According to the sources of the intelligence magazine, General Reza Shalahi, the son of the Iranian city of Shiraz, is in Yemen at the head of a force counting about 400 fighters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, reinforced by experts from Hezbollah who were sent from Lebanon. It is noteworthy that the US envoy to Iran, Brian Hook, announced in conjunction with the disclosure of the presence of “Shalahi” in Sanaa, that the American forces in the Arabian Sea seized a dangerous Iranian shipment of weapons on its way to the Houthis.

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Houthi militia threatens to blow up oil tankers in the Red Sea

Senior Humanitarian Aid Official in Yemen talks of difficulties being faced
Houthis claimed in a tweet on Twitter that the amount of oil stored in the ship “Safer” floating off Hodeidah began to leak, blaming the Yemeni government and the coalition for supporting the legitimacy; for not allowing the group to sell stored oil, which is intended to be used in its military activities against legitimate forces.
The floating tank contains about one million barrels of crude oil in the Red Sea, a steamer owned by the Yemeni state, currently controlled by the Houthi militia.
Experts say the Houthi threat if implemented, would lead to and the environmental disaster that would have repercussions on marine life for many years to come.