Gunman from motorbike killed two Yemeni soldiers in Taiz

Houthi Rebels holding several Saudi as Captives, says rebel negotiator

Anonymous gunman riding a motorbike opened fire with his assault rifle at the servants since they passed through the Tawheed area in downtown Taiz, said the official, who wanted to know to stay anonymous.


The source established that the two soldiers were killed on the spot in the drive-by shooting attack.


The victims were brothers and also remain in the pro-government 22nd Armored Brigade, which is working for the battles against the Houthis in the areas in northern Taiz.


No group or personal has stated duty for the attack.


Extremist components partnered with the Islamic State militant group or even the Yemen-based al-Qaida branch are active in the center of Taiz, that is managed by the government forces.


The Yemeni government forces, guaranteed by the Saudi-led coalition, are actually locked in clashes with the Iran-allied Houthi rebels in the north, east and west of Taiz province since April 2015.


Yemen continues to be mired in a civil war since late 2014, when Shiite Houthi rebels overran much of the country and confiscated almost all far northern provinces, such as the capital Sanaa.


The civil war has killed a lot more than 10, 000 people, mainly civilians, and also replaced 3 million others, while pressing Yemen to the brink of famine.

Houthi militia worsens civilian struggling for political purposes

Yemen asks United States to mark Houthis militants as Foreign Terrorist group

The Houthis keep intensifying the humanitarian crisis in a desperate try to affect the international community by holding food supplies to the capital Sanaa and nearby provinces.


With the consideration of the holy month of Ramadan, the Houthis had rushed up to their attacks on provide lines of these provinces in order to interrupt the arrival of food and intensify the humanitarian tragedy.


The Houthis have intensified civilian struggling in numerous Yemen’s regions, Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Thursday.


Based on a current statement issued by the Higher Relief Committee, the Houthis still worsen the humanitarian crisis in an attempt to affect the international community by blocking food supplies to the capital Sanaa and nearby provinces.

Yemen central banks ready to supply foreign currencies


Yemen’s central bank stated, ” we are willing to supply commercial and Islamic banks with foreign currency to finance imports of goods into the country” which has been pushed to the brink of famine by a four-year war, a Yemeni news agency reported.

Reflecting the war between the Saudi-backed government and the Iran aligned Houthi movement, the central bank has split into two rival head offices for developing hold-ups and settlement problems which have exacerbated an urgent humanitarian crisis.

It was willing to sell banks foreign currency at a rate of 506 rials to the U.S. dollar or at market rates, granted a circular saying by the branch of the southern port of Aden, the seat of the internationally well-known government, “whichever is lower”, state news agency Saba reported late on Monday.

It mentioned the statement since saying this would cover letters of credit and also financing guarantees for imports of products not covered by a $2 billion grant from Saudi Arabia to help finance imports of simple goods and petroleum products.

The United Nations states about 80 % of the 30 million population require some kind of humanitarian help and two-thirds of most districts in Yemen are in a “pre-famine” condition.

The competitor central bank headquartered in Sanaa, the capital now held by the Houthis who control most urban center in Yemen, did not receive any funds from the Saudi loan. A sanctioned in the Sanaa branch informed Reuters last year that dealers must get letters of credit in Aden.

The war pits the Houthi group against a Saudi-led coalition attempting to restore the government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi that was ousted from power in Sanaa in late 2014. The Houthis say their revolution is against corruption.

The difficulty has devastated the economy of the poorest Arabian Peninsula nation. It has cut supply routes, decreased imports and caused severe inflation. The central bank practically doubled the interest rate late last year to stabilize the currency.

Yemen: Fears over the lives of journalists abducted by the Houthis

In South Yemen Fierce Battle Erupts after Tribal Leader’s Home Gets Blown Up By Houthi Rebels
The Yemeni National Media Organization said on Sunday that it had received a report from the families of journalists kidnapped by the Huthis group at the political security prison in the capital Sanaa that says that the journalists were subjected to brutal the torture that lasted for days, and that the Houthis doesn’t allow the families to meet the detained journalists.
The families of the kidnapped journalists reported the deterioration of their health conditions in a frightening manner, as a result of the severe torture they suffered, expressing fears that their health would continue to deteriorate while the Houthis continue to stop the entry of food and medicine.
The organization condemned in a statement the violations committed by the Houthis group against the kidnapped journalists, and declared the group fully responsible for the health and safety of journalists and their lives, demanding their immediate and unconditional release. It also affirmed the right of abducted journalists to full freedom and their right to just compensation guaranteed by international human rights law.
The organization stressed the need for international and domestic efforts to put pressure on the Houthis group, until the release of the kidnapped journalists. She appealed to all international organizations, especially organizations and unions related to media freedoms and press, to stand in solidarity with kidnapped Yemeni journalists until they are released.
The organization renewed its call for UN Secretary-General envoy, Martin Griffiths, and the International Red Cross to visit journalists in Sanaa’s Political Security Prison as soon as possible insisting that their lives are threatened.

Yemen : Coalition targets the presidential camp in Sanaa

bomb blast
On Saturday, the Arab coalition forces launched an operation to target the aircraft of the Ansar al-Houthi group in Sanaa, capital of Yemen.
“The start of a process to destroy the network and
capabilities of the aircraft in the camp of the Presidential
House in Sanaa,” the Saudi news channel quoted the Arab Alliance as saying. “Targeting is consistent with international humanitarian law and its customary rules,” he said.
Meanwhile, a Yemeni military source told the agency
“Sputnik” that the coalition aircraft carried out two raids on Camp Nahdeen in the compound Dar al-Nezatah south of the capital Sanaa.
In a related context, announced the Interior Ministry in the National Salvation Government problem in Sanaa, on
Friday, the joining of a commander in the Yemeni army,
supported by the coalition, after splitting from the
government forces.
The security information center of the Ministry of Interior in Sana’a said that the commander of the military police in
the orphanage center of the Yemeni army in Al-Jawf
province Colonel Ahmed Al-Majnhi announced his
dissociation from his forces and his joining the armed
forces in Sana’a.

Arab Coalition destroys Houthi drone capabilities in Yemen’s Sanaa

air force

The Arab coalition abetment the accepted government in Yemen appear aboriginal Saturday that it launched an operation antibacterial an arrangement of bombinate capabilities of the Houthi militia in an affected at the presidential alcazar breadth in Sanaa.

On April 10, the Arab Affiliation agent Colonel Turki al-Maliki accepted that the affiliation armament targeted a Houthi drones accomplishment bulb and an abundance absolute barrage pads, antibacterial them completely.

There were no actual letters of any casualties or damage.

According to al-Malki, the strikes are an addendum of aggressive operations that targeted and destroyed a chip arrangement of logistical capabilities and accessories for Houthi drones, as able-bodied as locations area adopted experts are present.

Al-Malki common the coalition’s charge to anticipate the Houthi militia from application these avant-garde capabilities, and to yield all the all-important measures to assure civilians as able-bodied as basic areas from the blackmail of drones.

He acclaimed that the coalition’s operations are in accordance with all-embracing altruistic law and its customs and that the coalition’s collective command took all the basic measures to assure civilians.