Houthi militia worsens civilian struggling for political purposes

Yemen asks United States to mark Houthis militants as Foreign Terrorist group

The Houthis keep intensifying the humanitarian crisis in a desperate try to affect the international community by holding food supplies to the capital Sanaa and nearby provinces.


With the consideration of the holy month of Ramadan, the Houthis had rushed up to their attacks on provide lines of these provinces in order to interrupt the arrival of food and intensify the humanitarian tragedy.


The Houthis have intensified civilian struggling in numerous Yemen’s regions, Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Thursday.


Based on a current statement issued by the Higher Relief Committee, the Houthis still worsen the humanitarian crisis in an attempt to affect the international community by blocking food supplies to the capital Sanaa and nearby provinces.

Saudi MASAM cleared hundred landmines in Yemen

Risks in Yemen might be increasing with the effects of landmines and UXOs

MASAM project, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center ( relief )  possesses effectively cleared 24 anti-personnel mines, 1, 018 anti-tank mines, 197 improvised explosive devices, 1, 082 unexploded munitions.

The total number of mines and explosive devices that were removed reached 2, 321 during the 4th week of April 2019.

Since the begin of the MASAM project, 63, 719 mines planted by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen have been removed , in spite of Houthis tries to hide the mines in numerous typesshades , and methods, resulting in the loss of life of a lot of children, women and the elderly as well as serious accidents and also amputation of organs, the Saudi Media reported .

King Salman relief authorities in Yemen also have distributed 1516 food baskets weighing 112 .184 tons on a number of villages in the governorates of Heran as well as Abbs in the province of Hajj, benefiting 9096 persons.

In the meantime, in al-Hodeidah, greater than a thousand Cholera suspects possess disclosed to comfort clinics in the first quarter of this year, based on official statistics.

In Yemen’s Hajjah province,New Saudi Development Projects has Launched

UN Lauds Saudi Aid Center’s Humanitarian Role in Yemen

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has launched 11 new projects in the Midi Directorate of northwest Yemen, continuing its work in the area. The initiatives period the agriculture, fisheries, electricity, healthcare and water sectors, and will help increase life expectancy, restore sources of income, and reinvigorate economic activity in Midi and the surrounding areas.

In New school ground, health center and water purifying plant in an area of Midi have damaged by SDRPY where an inordinate variety of infant children die from waterborne illnesses every year. Twenty years ago, a water station existed in the area but became inoperative after 2 years due to lack of maintenance. SDRPY provides training for locals in the operation and maintenance of the water station, thus ensuring sustainability.

The people of Fasht Island, Midi district, have lacked instant use of clean water for almost 50 years. Residents have often consumed unpurified seawater once rainwater has been insufficient to meet their needs, and local wells – some of them dug a hundred years ago – yield only saltwater.

New water treatment plant will purify seawater, supplementing natural freshwater volumes and helping the nearby ecosystem. The salinity of drinking water in the Midi district frequently reaches levels of up to 35,000 parts per million (ppm), importantly in the islands where fresh water is not simply reachable; in Saudi Arabia, the average is around 4,000 ppm.

A new fully equipped health center will address issues such as high rates of baby mortality and waterborne illness in Midi. Citizens of Midi district who live on islands such as Fasht and Buklan have usually traveled at great cost to Midi city, about half an hour away by boat, to receive health treatment. The new health center can grant them access to high-quality healthcare without the risk posed by travel to the sick or injured.

Along with these latest installations, SDRPY will create Midi with new angling vessels and outboard motors, with a new maintenance facility for the boats. The Iran-backed Houthi militias previously ruined the fleets of fishing boats in Midi, eliminating the sole source of income for thousands of residents.

New electrical generators, filters for current generators will be supplied to regions of Midi that have not known outdoor lighting. The district will also receive greenhouses, agricultural tools, fertilizer, seed, water tanker-trucks, transport vehicles, and lights for solar-powered road lamps. Finally, the coastline guard department in Midi will be rehabilitated, restoring stability and security to the port.

“It is fitting that the program announced these tasks today in Hope Square, which represents the optimism of decent people everywhere that a life of peace and success can soon return to millions of Yemenis, including in Hajjah,” said Saudi Ambassador to Yemen and SDRPY Supervisor Mohammed bin Saeed Al Jabir.

“As a vital player in local stability, the Kingdom is planned for restoring hope and security in Yemen, and that is why we still work towards the renewal of hope for the brotherly Yemeni people.”