UAE Red Crescent stars a new aid program for the orphans of Socotra

The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent Society in its continuous support of the people of Socotra island has announced a new program to ensure and support their social needs and to fulfill its mission of mobilizing the
strength of humanity and in response to the call of humanitarian duty to support those most in need of assistance on the island.
The project aims at taking care of the orphans in any way possible, focusing on their education and development to alleviate the suffering of these helpless orphans and to fulfill their basic needs.
The program is meant for children who lost both parents and are under 15 years of age.
The program also provides assistance to people in the need of assistance having any form of disability, physical, mental or psychological.
The UAE Red Crescent Authority has set conditions under Islamic Sharia and its provisions. A special committee shall collect the information after afield survey and fill up forms and submit it along with required documents for every child in order to prepare and provide the required and adequate assistance for every child and needy persons concerned by this program.

10 new vehicles from the UAE to Support Socotra police stations

police car
As part of its efforts to promote and develop the public security service in various southern cities, the UAE on Tuesday presented 10 new security
vehicles to the security department of the Socotra Archipelago.
A security source in Skotra confirmed that the Security Directorate in Al-Afull received 10 cars belonging to the police and security, provided by the United Arab Emirates.
The 10 vehicles received by the Police Departments in Socotra are a first step in the plan adopted by the UAE in developing the security aspect.
The plan includes building police stations, providing them with systems and computers, training police cadres in order to preserve the public security of Socotra Island and providing a suitable environment for the people of the island to live in security and peace.