A Houthi sniper shot a little girl dead !

A Houthi sniper shot a little girl dead !

A sniper bullet snatched 4-year-old chid while playing with other children next to her home in Taiz province, southwest Yemen.

Sources reported that the child, (4 years), was shot dead by a Houthi while playing with other children, in front of her house in the village of Tbaihaa east of Jabal Habashi Directorate west of Taiz province.

This incident comes two years after the displacement of most of the residents of Tabiha and neighboring villages due to the targeting of their homes with artillery shells by the Houthi militias stationed in the area of Hathran.

A human rights organization monitored the killing and wounding of 51 children as a result of the ongoing shelling and sniping of Houthi militias on neighborhoods and residential villages in Taiz city and districts.

According to SAM, 20 children have been killed and 31 injured in the past three months by Houthi militias in Taiz.

the Houthi militias, which have imposed a severe blockade on the city of Taiz for four years, have repeatedly targeted the densely populated neighborhoods in the city, and committed a number of massacres against the families of innocent people, including women and children.

The Center for Human Rights Information and Rehabilitation launched during the recent session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva,in a report entitled “Taiz systematic bombing” where it reviewed the widespread violations by Houthi militias against civilians in Taiz governorate, and criticized the imposition of a siege on the City since 4 years.

The report documented the Houthi militias’ 73 bloody massacres since March 2015, in which 135 people were killed, including 43 children and 17 women. In addition to 278 civilians, including 101 children and 23 women

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UAE combats cholera and epidemics in west coast of yemen

The United Arab Emirates supports the Yemeni people

The United Arab Emirates supports the Yemeni people by promoting and improving areas related to people’s lives, especially health.

In this regard, the UAE Red Crescent Authority, in coordination with the health and agriculture bureaus of Al-Mukha, in Taiz governorate, has launched a “mist spraying campaign” as part of the UAE’s continuous efforts to combat epidemics in the west coast of Yemen, especially the cholera epidemic in order to preserve the lives of civilians and preserve their lives.

The UAE Red Crescent representative in the West Coast said the campaign came in response to a distress call from the local authority aimed at eliminating mosquitoes and insect vectors.

Thabit Al-Hamli, Director of the Agriculture and Population Office at the Mokha Directorate, said during the inauguration that a scheduled campaign plan has been implemented by specialized teams over 12 days, including Mokha city and various isolation and villages of the Directorate.

Al-Hamli conveyed the greetings and thanks of the local authority and the people of Mukha to the UAE, which continues its generous assistance to the Yemeni people in all fields through its humanitarian arm Red Crescent. Dr. Amin Al-Shazli, Director of the Health Bureau in the Directorate, stressed the importance of the campaign, which comes in the context of the efforts exerted by the UAE to control and eliminate cholera, dengue fever and other fevers that have re-spread with the onset of the rainy season.

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UAE supplied Taiz hospitals with 12 tons of nutritional supplements

12 tons of nutritional supplements

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has distributed 12 tons of nutritional supplements to the hospitals of the Yemeni province of Taiz.

The UAE support donations was handed over to the public health office in the province of Taiz where is it used for The treatment of cases of severe malnutrition among mothers and children who come to the province’s hospitals to receive health care.

Dr. Ali Saeed, deputy director of the health office at the Directorate of Muzaffar, said that these supplements will contribute to raising the performance of medical services in hospitals for mothers and sick children suffering from health problems, including malnutrition.

He continued that in this regard, a convoy loaded with these supplements was directed to hospitals in Taiz in general and Al-WafaCenter for Motherhood and Childhood in particular, which receives hundreds of cases of malnutrition.

The patients appreciated the support provided by the United Arab Emirates to alleviate their suffering and contribute to stabilizing the health conditions of the population of the province in general.

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, has provided diverse support to citizens in a number of Yemeni governorates since the beginning of the war.

UAE Red Crescent delivers ambulances and medicines to Hospitals in Taiz


The UAE Red Crescent Authority, handed over the local authority of the Mukha district of Taiz governorate, on Wednesday  two ambulances and new quantities of medicines to Al Mukha General Hospital, as part of the emergency response and the continued support by the UAE to the health sector in the West Coast and all Yemeni directorates and governorates freed from the grip of Houthi militias.

In the past few weeks, the UAE has increased its support for the health sector in all the liberated areas and districts of the West Coast.

A new shipment of medicines and integrated laboratory solutions has been delivered to enable the hospital to fight epidemics and provide free services to citizens.

Mr. Sultan Mahmoud, Director General of Mocha Directorate expressed his happiness and thanks for the leading role played by the UAE through its humanitarian arm (Red Crescent Authority) to support and revive the health sector in the Directorate in order to alleviate the suffering of citizens

UAE Mobile clinics rescue Yemenis in Taiz and Hodeidah villages


From one place to another, mobile medical clinics from the UAE tour the southern countryside of Hodeidah governorate, in western Yemen, providing free medical and treatment services to thousands of Yemeni patients.

Since the beginning of last week, mobile clinics have stepped up their medical operations in remote areas between Taiz and Hodeidah governorates, which are ravaged by the epidemics of “diarrhea”, “cholera”, “dengue” and “malaria”, and succeeded in saving the lives of many patients who were suffering from Highest levels of infection.

It has also continued to treat hundreds of cases of other respiratory, anemia, skin and severe malnutrition in children and the reproductive system.

The water diarrhea epidemic in the past two days has killed five people and injured more than 80, including children who fled with their families to escape Houthi terrorism in Hodeidah to a remote West Coast town, according to the Health Office of Al-Tahita Directorate.

For the second day in a row, a medical team from the UAE Red Crescent Authority, working with two medical clinics, is working to provide free emergency treatment services to dozens of people suffering from watery diarrhea epidemics in the villages of Al-Ghuwairq, Al-Thukair and Al-Saqf, which is affiliated to Al-Tahita south of Hodeidah.

The UAE Red Crescent field medical team reported that two mobile clinics with full supplies had responded to a distress call by residents to save their lives from an epidemic that swept their villages late last week .

The head of the field team, Dr. Ali Al-Mouri, said in a statement that the mobile clinics had succeeded in providing medical care for more than 80 cases, mostly women, children, the elderly and suffering from acute watery diarrhea.

The team also provides nutritional supplements for severely malnourished children in these impoverished villages to the south-west of the Red Sea district of Tahita

FadlBaswaid, the epidemiologist at the Health Bureau in Tahta, confirmed that the epidemic almost killed the population and displaced people in the absence of any medical interventions of the concerned international and local organizations.However, the emergency response of the UAE Red Crescent saved dozens of lives from actual death.

Baswaid thanked the UAE for standing with the people of Hodeidah and all the inhabitants of the West Coast towns, pointing out that the humanitarian and relief work in the UAE has contributed greatly to alleviate the suffering of the people and displaced people and normalize life in the liberated areas.

Mobile medical clinics target communities of displaced people in liberated areasThe average number of cases of treatment received in one of the districts was more than 1000 cases of various diseases.

UAE in Yemen: Addressing the Iranian tampering ,fighting terrorism and contributing to development

The UAE praised by European Parliament for initiatives in Yemen
The United Arab Emirates has played an important political, military and humanitarian role in Yemen since the start of the Al-Hazm Storm at the end of March 2015 led by Saudi Arabia. The UAE had a prominent role in deterring Al-Huthi militia and reducing its control over the land. The UAE contributed militarily to liberate large parts of Yemen and purge it from Al- QAEDA0.
The role of the UAE in combating terrorism Houthi:
The UAE has contributed significantly to the liberation of vast areas of Yemeni territory under the control of the Huthi militias. The UAE-controlled fronts have recorded great victories and major defeats by the militias. The capital Aden and Lahj province have won overwhelming victories over the Houthis thanks to the UAE’s support for the southern resistance.
The UAE continued to provide military and logistical support to the southern resistance, and a military brigade was formed that helped liberate Bab al-Mandab, the West Coast and parts of Hodeidah, Taiz, and Lahj.
The fronts, which are overseen by the United Arab Emirates, are still plagued by daily victories, the most recent of which is the fighting that is currently taking place in the province of Dali’a and its north, while the fronts that are overseen by the legitimacy are silent.
The role of the UAE in combating terrorism in the south:
The UAE has also played a major role in liberating the southern provinces from Al-Qaeda terrorism. The UAE supported the southern resistance and contributed militarily and geographically in forming the belt and support
forces and support in the capital Aden and the provinces of Lahj and Abin.
With the direct support of the United Arab Emirates, these forces were able to achieve overwhelming victories and terrorist movements and organizations declined significantly.
The UAE has also supported the formation of elite forces in Shabwa, Hadramout, Mahara and Socotra provinces and has been able to liberate a large number of districts that were the headquarters of terrorist organizations.
The UAE continues to support the southern resistance.
The Emirati participation in Al-Hazm storm has not been limited to military support only but has played a major role in the relief and humanitarian field. The humanitarian role of the UAE has extended to include the reconstruction, rehabilitation, maintenance and equipping of hospitals, health centers, specialized medical units, schools and institutes, building and maintenance of mosques, and social centers.