UAE red crescent saves displaced people in DALEEH

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With the support of the UAE, the Red Crescent is carrying a humanitarian aid convoy to the displaced people of Al-Dhali province.
The relief targeted displaced people from conflict areas (HAJR Azraq and Qabta). 1200 baskets were distributed among needy areas.
The Undersecretary of Al-Dalea Province, Nabil Al-Afif, conveyed the greetings of the local authority in Al-Dhala governorate and thanked the UAE for the rapid response and continued humanitarian support for all areas in Al-
Dhala governorate with all kinds of support.
For his part, the Coordinator of the displaced people in Dalea, “Ali Obaid,” said: the number of displaced people reached 11 thousand displaced, mostly in the Directorate of Dhala, capital of the province, the UAE Red Crescent distributed food and shelter to support and alleviate their suffering.
The UAE has been carrying eight food convoys over the past few months.

The UAE Red Crescent distributes food baskets to the martyrs’ families in the departments of Shabwa

“We thank the Arab Coalition for its unlimited support in all fields and we thank the UAE for its contribution to the South through its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent, which provides relief support and projects,” said Sheikh
Ahmad Naji al-Faqir, a member of the Southern Transitional Council who received the aid and distributed it to the delegates of the other directorates.
He added: “Relief came to the directorates of Bihan al-‘Ilayya, Aslan and Ayn, to the families of the martyrs, who poured the soil of Bihan with their pure blood. This food basket is a small part of giving back to the martyrs who sacrificed themselves so that Yemenis live free from the militias. The number of martyrs for each of its directors according to the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent is as follows: Senior managers 306 martyrs, director of Assilan
168 martyrs, director appointed 236 martyrs.

UAE Red Crescent distributes 500 food baskets to needy families in Zanjibar, Yemen

UAE Red Crescent distributes 500 food baskets to needy families in Zanjibar, Yemen
In the framework of its projects aimed at achieving food security in Abyan province, the UAE Red Crescent on Thursday morning in Zinjibar in Abyan governorate distributed food baskets for the poorest families, 500 poor
families from Zanjibar benefited from this operation.
Adel al-Hanashi, president of the Abyan Youth Forum, said the distribution was part of the UAE Red Crescent project to provide adequate support to people facing very poor living conditions in the country’s economic chaotic situation
caused by the Houthi war.
He added that the UAE Red Crescent has many contributions to the implementation of many services, development, and social projects in Abyan governorate, as well as its interest in the poor and the keenness to provide
food assistance to them, especially that many people do not have any sources of income.
He stressed the great attention paid by the UAE Red Crescent to Abyan province through the implementation of several projects in infrastructure and the restoration of schools and government and health facilities and in electricity and water.

UAE Red Crescent inaugurates vital projects for Shabwa water sector

aid water
The UAE Red Crescent Authority inaugurated two vital projects in the water sector this morning. The projects included the establishment of integrated solar water pumping unit in Al-Dima and Al-Ghehila districts in the Lower Marakha Directorate in Shabwa governorate.
Hamid Al Shamsi, Advisor for Development and International Cooperation, representative of the Red Crescent Authority in Shabwa, said that these vital projects are an embodiment of the UAE’s interest and leadership to
improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen in general and to enhance the initiatives undertaken by the Authority to alleviate the suffering of the population and support infrastructure projects to cope with the difficult
circumstances they are living.
Al-Shamsi pointed out to the Authority’s efforts to solve the problems of water shortage and scarcity in the Shabwa governorate. He stressed that the problem of water shortage is the biggest problem faced by the people of the
desert areas. And they are stopping the difficulty of obtaining water through the implementation of various water projects.
For his part, Eng. Marwan Barwais, deputy director of the Rural Water Corporation in Shabwa, expressed his thanks to the UAE leadership, government, and people for their projects to support infrastructure, service, and relief. He also praised the efforts of the UAE Red Crescent Society
Ease the suffering of citizens in liberated areas of Yemen.

The UAE Red Crescent provides Yemenis hospitals with medicines and medical supplies

medicine supplies
The UAE Red Crescent Society has provided a number of hospitals in the governorates that are liberated from the Houthis militias and terrorists, with medicines and medical supplies for treating the wounded Yemenis.
The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, Adnan Mohammed Al Shehhi handed over medicine and medical supplies to a number of health officials in many liberated governorates.
This comes as part of the continuous support and response campaign of the UAE to the Yemenis people on various fronts and to help hospitals to improve the provision of medical services and health care to meet the needs of the
wounded and sick Yemenis people.

The United Arab Emirates red crescent saves refugees in Dhalia

Emirates Red Crescent distributes relief aid to the Shabwa Governorate in Yemen
The UAE Red Crescent has distributed food and shelter assistance to fleeing families from conflict areas in Dhalia as part of an urgent response to appeals launched by local authorities and civil organizations to alleviate the suffering of families in the difficult humanitarian situation.
It distributed about 500 food baskets, as well as various shelter materials to fleeing families in the areas of the Directorate of  Azarq west of the province.
“The distribution of food and shelter assistance comes within the framework of the recently launched “Agithoham” initiative to provide support and assistance to fleeing families affected by the war of the Houthi terrorist organization in the areas of Dhala, the UAE red crescent was the major actor in meeting humanitarian appeals launched to help those affected by
military actions in the province.
He pointed out that the arrival of relief convoy and shelter for families in the “Azraq” came after similar assistance targeted other areas in Dali, witnessed a large displacement of families by indiscriminate shelling by the Houthi militias on homes, farms and public roads.
On the other hand, the health authorities in the coast of Hadramout praised the great and unlimited support provided by the UAE to revitalize the health sector and improve the level of medical services for patients in need.

UAE builds residential units in Socotra and Hadramout

Emirates Red Crescent launches six water projects in Yemen
The United Arab Emirates continue to implement humanitarian and charitable projects in Yemen through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent and the Khalifa Foundation for Humanitarian Aid, in the framework of its efforts to meet the immediate needs of the Yemeni people and improve living conditions in the liberated areas the organization made 607 housing units in the Hadramout valley and coast for those affected by the floods and hurricanes that hit the province, along with infrastructure services from roads, solar energy water, and electricity grid and sewage.
In addition to the huge projects adopted by the UAE in Yemen, the reconstruction of areas affected by the cyclones that hit the province of Socotra archipelago where the UAE launched the project “Madinat Zayed” on the island of Socotra, which includes 220 housing units, funded by the
UAE Red Crescent.
“This project comes within the framework of the agreement signed with the local authority in Socotra for the reconstruction of the damage caused to the archipelago islands, as well as for the development of the province,
especially related to service sectors that concern the life of the citizen,” said Assistant Secretary General of the UAE Red Crescent Youssef Al Fahim.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, with his own expense will build the largest mosque in the south, as well as the construction of 500 housing units for the families of martyrs of the southern resistance.

UAE red crescent distributes Eid clothing to more than 20,000 families in Yemen

Emirates Red Crescent Provides Food Aid to residents of Zaghfa, Hadramaut
The UAE Red Crescent distributed the Eid clothing to the poor families in a number of liberated provinces as part of the humanitarian and relief work carried out by the UAE for its brothers in Yemen.
The volunteer teams of the UAE Red Crescent distributed Eid clothing to more than 20,000 needy families, families of martyrs and people with special needs in Aden, Abyan, Dhala and the western coast of Yemen, Hodeidah and Al Mukha, Hadramout, Shabwa, Taiz and Lahj.
The Eid Al-Fitr project is part of a series of charitable initiatives launched by the UAE in Yemen in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan. It included a number of projects including Ramadan Breakfast, Ramadan Meer, water cooler and food supplements, which benefited more than 2 million and 500,000 Yemeni citizens.
The beneficiaries expressed their thanks, appreciation, and gratitude for the continuous support of the UAE towards them, which has had a great impact in relieving the burden and facilitating their situation, especially in this holy month.

In its support of Yemen: The UAE Red Crescent inaugurates the distribution of food baskets in the Directorate of Maafer

The Red Crescent of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched distribution of 1,000 food baskets in the Mu’afir district in Taiz.
This comes as part of a series of humanitarian and charitable projects offered by the UAE in Yemen during the holy month of Ramadan, which meets the needs of poor families.
The campaign was preceded by a survey and field clearance by the volunteer team of the UAE Red Crescent Al-Mashmar, Director General of Al-Ma’afer Directorate, praised the efforts of the UAE in various service and development fields, stressing that they are in the local authority ready to provide all facilities that contribute to providing assistance to citizens.
The beneficiaries of the aid gave a word of thanks to the Red Crescent of the UAE for its charitable work, which helps them and covers their needs in light of the difficult conditions they live.

UAE Sign an agreement for the rehabilitation of physiotherapy center In Hadramout

Over 3,000 Yemenins Benefit from the UAE Aid in Al Tuhayta, Ad Duraihami Districts of Hodeidah
The UAE Red Crescent signed today a new agreement to start the rehabilitation of the physiotherapy center at Mukalla Directorate in Hadramout, in the framework of the humanitarian efforts of the United Arab Emirates and its support for health and humanitarian projects in Hadramout.
Hamid Rashid Al Shamsi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent in Hadramout, said that after the signing of the agreement, the Authority will equip the center with the latest equipment that will help meet the needs in Hadramout governorate and the surrounding governorates, including
maintenance, restoration, and rehabilitation of the center Air conditioners and piping connections.
Shera said that the project of developing the medical sector in Hadramout province is only one of the series of pioneering development projects carried out by the Authority on Yemeni.
He added that the Authority is aware of the challenges facing the health sector in Yemen due to the current conditions and the war.
He stressed the commitment of the Red Crescent to complete the development projects in the field of health in Hadramout in a fast way, and the good required to improve medical services for the people of the province, and neighboring.