UAE to transfer Yemeni students from China back to Yemen

CHildren's in Yemen

The COVID-19 threatens 187 Yemeni students and their families who reside in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Even more students are in other cities of China and cannot get to their home country.

At the same time, the Yemeni government does not have the opportunity to evacuate its citizens due to the difficult economic situation in the country caused by the long war.

“Our situation is tragic,” said Manssour Malas, a Ph.D. student in communication and information systems engineering at Xidian University and a former media officer of the Yemeni Students ’Union in China.

“We have not received our government scholarships for seven months and no one is caring to ask about our situation here,” said Malas. “We are not sure if we go back we can get enough medical care there, or whether it’s better to stay here and avoid putting Yemeni people in more trouble.”

The United Arab Emirates volunteered to help Yemeni students who were in such a difficult situation. The UAE government will allocate money for the evacuation of students and their families, and before sending them to their homeland, they will conduct a health examination to prevent the likelihood of the spread of the disease in Yemen, as well as provide timely medical assistance to patients.

This is not the first time that the UAE has helped Yemen. Between 2015 and 2020, more than $ 6 billion was allocated for the education, health, and social needs of Yemen.

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UAE relief convoy to the people of Shabwa governorate

UAE relief convoy to the people of Shabwa governorate

The UAE, represented by its humanitarian arm, carried out a relief convoy targeting low-income people in Al-Ghail area in Al-Rawdha district in Shabwa governorate on Monday.

In this round of assistance, the IHH team distributed 200 food baskets weighing 16 tons, targeting needy families and low-income families in Al-Ghail area, benefiting 1100 individuals, in order to reduce the level of food shortage and provide decent living for the people.

For their part, the beneficiaries expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE leadership and people for this great help and humanitarian gesture that will contribute to alleviate the suffering of many families in the midst of these difficult living conditions, given the deteriorating economic conditions and lack of job opportunities and thus the sources of income of a large number of heads of households in the country.

Since the beginning of 2019, the UAE Red Crescent has distributed 33,374 food parcels, an average of 1917 tons, benefiting 159,050 members of needy and affected families in Shabwa governorate.

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1,55,000 Yemenis benefit from UAE water projects secure

people of yemen

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent, has realized tangible achievements in securing drinking water on the west coast of Yemen by implementing 31 projects, between central, medium and limited strategic projects.

Around 155,678 people benefit from UAE projects distributed according to need and population density to secure life and enhance stability along the west coast.

This came within the framework of the humanitarian vision of the UAE and its wise leadership to alleviate the suffering of the brotherly Yemeni people, and normalize life in the liberated governorates, districts and areas of Yemen, especially in light of the disruption of state institutions and the blockage of the horizon due to the attacks of the Houthi terrorist militia.

The UAE Red Crescent Authority is preparing to open two vital water projects “Dhubab and Al Waziya Water”. With a length of 60 kilometers.

The Zobab water project comes as a lifeline for a coastal city that found itself without drinking water in light of the disruption of Yemeni state institutions.

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UAE forces returned from Aden after completing the mission of liberating the city

The report of the prominent international experts group of the Human Rights Council confirmed that the Houthi blockade of the city of Taiz

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces (GAF) has announced the return of a joint UAE force operating in the Yemeni province of Aden after completing its military mission of liberating Aden, securing and handing it over to Saudi and Yemeni forces.

“The UAE forces returning from Aden have completed their military tasks with great success. They liberated Aden from the Houthis and terrorist organizations on July 17, 2015, after which the military operations carried out by the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia resulted in The liberation of many areas liberated from Yemeni territories from the Houthi coup and the prevention of Iranian penetration aimed at controlling the Yemeni state.

“After the liberation of Aden, the UAE and Saudi forces secured military stability, pursued the remnants of the terrorists and eliminated all the hotbeds of the security threat, so that they were able to spread and strengthen security throughout Aden Governorate and empower the Yemeni forces by qualifying, training and arming them in a way that they can.” From the fulfillment of its military duties at the handover stage, the empowerment phase has resulted in the presence of highly trained Yemeni forces capable of stabilizing and capturing the land in a professional military manner. “

The leadership pointed out that “the UAE forces will continue its war on terrorist organizations in the southern Yemeni provinces and other areas.”

The General Command of the Armed Forces confirmed that its forces and as part of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia will continue to support the brothers in Yemen.

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UAE organizes the 19th collective wedding in Yemen

UAE organizes the 19th collective wedding in Yemen

The UAE Red Crescent Authority organized the 19th collective wedding in Yemen, and the fifth in the city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut governorate,that benefited 200 young men and women as part of the collective weddings by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, to support the stability of Yemeni youth.

The ceremony was attended by Eng. Mohammed Al Amoudi, deputy governor of Hadramout province for technical affairs, a number of Yemeni officials, and Hamid Rashid Al Shamsi, representative of the Red Crescent in Hadramout, who oversaw the marriage ceremony and arrangements, along with the grooms, their families and acquaintances and a large gathering of the people of the province.

Dr. Mohammed Ateeq Al-Falahi, Secretary General of the Red Crescent, said in a statement that the initiative of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan comes within the UAE’s response to the requirements of Yemeni brothers in support of all areas, and in continuation of its efforts to improve the quality of life and support the humanitarian situation and raise Suffering from the Yemeni arena.

He pointed out that the Authority is continuing its efforts for the second year in a row to implement the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to organize mass weddings in 11 governorates and expand the umbrella of beneficiaries in Yemen under the auspices of His Highness, and follow-up HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

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UAE supports health and energy sectors in Hadramout and Lahj

UAE supports health and energy sectors

On the Yemeni port of Mukalla, the UAE vessel is the fourth of its kind to reach in two months, carrying 13,000 metric tons of various oil derivatives provided by the United Arab Emirates in support of the electricity sector in Hadhramaut governorate.

Eng. Mohammed Al Amoudi, Undersecretary of the Hadramout Governorate for Technical Affairs, who received the ship, thanked the UAE leadership, government and people for their fraternal stand by the Yemeni people in their ordeal and praised the UAE’s efforts on the Yemeni arena.

Al Amoudi stressed that this oil support will enhance the electric power in the province by increasing the operational capacity of the gas stations, and thanked the humanitarian arm of the UAE Red Crescent Authority for its humanitarian efforts to normalize life in the city and the implementation of infrastructure projects.

For his part, Humaid Al Shamsi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent Authority in Hadramout, said that this ship comes in support of the electricity sector in Hadramout to ensure that the electricity is not interrupted and normalize the lives of its residents under the guidance of the wise leadership of the UAE.
On the other hand, the UAE continued to support the Yemeni health sector as part of its emergency response campaign in the liberated Yemeni governorates. In this regard, the UAE Red Crescent Authority sent a field medical team with medicines for diphtheria to Al-Hadaf in Al-Hadj governorate, in response to a call by the directorate to save its children from the disease that spread in a number of villages.

The field medical team was briefed on the health situation in the directorate and handed over a quantity of medicines to the general hospital. Healthy work out.

The local authority and the health office in Al Hidd Directorate appreciated the UAE’s support, represented by its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent, and the speed of its response within 48 hours of the call launched by the health office regarding the diphtheria epidemic.

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UAE continues to support education sector in liberated Yemeni governorates

UAE continues to support education sector

The UAE continues to assist Yemeni brothers, in its humanitarian mission to alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions by strengthening the service sectors in the liberated governorates, especially the education sector.

In this regard, the UAE Red Crescent Authority inaugurated a ‘a School for primery Education’ in Saa’eed, in the presence of Ali Nisan, Deputy Director of the Education Office in the governorate and a number of educational cadres, as part of the UAE’s continuous support to the educational process in Shabwa, which includes the construction and renovation of schools.

He praised the efforts exerted by the UAE to normalize life in the province, stressing that the opening of the school after its renovation, rehabilitation and furnishing enabled about 500 students to return to school.

Sanad Al Aboud, Secretary General of the Local Council of Saa’eed, expressed his delight at the opening of the school after the completion of work in record time, stressing that such projects are one of the main pillars of the future of future generations, which is a priority for the UAE not in Shabwa alone, but in all liberated governorates.

The people of the region expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE, which spared no effort to normalize their lives and work for the return of their children to their educational journey.

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UAE calls on the international community to help Yemen

international community to help Yemen

Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, Permanent Representative of UAE to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, delivered the UAE’s address to the Human Rights Council as part of the public debate on humanrights, technical assistance and capacity building in Yemen.

The UAE reiterated its support for the efforts of the UN Secretary General and his Special Envoy for Yemen to convince the parties to the Yemeni conflict to implement immediately and fully all relevant Security Council resolutions, especially Resolution 2216/2015 /, withoutpreconditions or restrictions.

This came in a speech delivered by HE Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, Permanent Representative of the State to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva to the forty-second session of the Human Rights Council in the framework of the generaldebate on human rights and the provision of technical assistance and capacity-building in Yemen.

Regarding the humanitarian situation in Yemen, Ambassador Zaabi called on the international community to facilitate the unimpededdelivery of humanitarian assistance throughoutYemen, in accordance with the principles of international humanitarianlaw.

His Excellency also urged all donor countries and organizations to fulfill their commitment to provide financial support for the UN Humanitarian Response Plan in Yemen for 2019, pointing out the support provided by the UAE of US $ 5.91 billion to cover basic humanitarian needs during the period from 2015 to 21 September. / 2019.

Al-Zaabi called for mobilizing the necessary resources to face the economic and social challenges facing Yemen, in coordination with the international donor community and in accordance with the priorities set by the Yemeni authorities.

He also called on the Office of the High Commissioner for HumanRights to continue to provide technical support and assistance to the Government of Yemen and technical support to the National Commission of Inquiry to ensure the continued implementation of its mandate in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 30 of 22 August 2019.

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UAE fights terrorism in Yemen

UAE fights

A British researcher praised the efforts of the Transitional Council in combating terrorism in Yemen with the support of the UAE, pointing out that al-Qaeda has benefited from the corruption of the regime in marketing itself in the country.

“There is a relationship between the government and terrorism, and there are beneficiaries of the continuation of war and terrorism,” Elizabeth Kandle, a researcher at Oxford University, said in a seminar on terrorism at UN headquarters in Geneva.

Kandel spoke of her experience in Hadramout, which she visited during al-Qaeda’s control of the coast of Hadramaut in southern Yemen, and how “terrorist organizations have exploited the corruption of the country’s governance system to market itself and control it by providing services to people in those areas.”

She also praised the efforts of the Transitional Council and the Southern Resistance in the fight against terrorism, supported by the United Arab Emirates, but warned of the danger of terrorist organizations using children and women.

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United Nations: UAE is largest aid donar in yemen

: UAE is largest aid donar in yemen

The UAE ranked first globally as the largest aid donor to the people of Yemen in 2019.

This is according to the report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on the countries that are funding the humanitarian response plan for Yemen from the beginning of 2019 until 23 September 2019.

The value of UAE assistance to the Yemeni people between 2015 and September 23, 2019 amounted to AED 21.70 billion (US $ 5.91 billion).
Humanitarian aid accounted for 37% of the total value of UAE aid, ie AED 7.93 billion (US $ 2.16 billion).

Development assistance, rehabilitation and stabilization support projects accounted for 63% of the UAE’s aid, or AED 13.70 billion (US $ 3.73 billion).
Assistance provided included 15 key sectors such as transport and storage, power generation and supply, social services, health, government and civil society support, among others.

The UAE assistance included all aspects of life in Yemen with the aim of contributing to stability and development in Yemeni governorates and regions.

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