UAE red Crescent inspects the Hadramout Council project


A delegation from the UAE Red Crescent Authority, led by Mr. Humaid Rashid Al Shamsi, on Sunday inspected the progress of the construction of the HadramoutCouncil , in the Mukalla Directorate in Hadramout Governorate, which is fully funded by  the United Arab Emirates.

The implementation of this project is part of the effort to provide better services in development and infrastructure projects as part of the Authority’s efforts to establish, maintain and restore a number of vital buildings and facilities in the governorate.

Mr. Humaid Rashid Al Shamsi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent, confirmed that this inspection visit comes within the framework of direct supervision of the work done since the signing of the agreement to start the completion of the .

YEMEN WATER CRISIS :UAE red crescent supplies Aden with drinking water and pumps

The UAE Red Crescent has launched a new relief initiative aimed at alleviating the suffering of families living in a number of areas in the city of Aden, which suffers from a water crisis. The relief teams of the Authority started distributing thousands of water bottles in a number of affected areas, which have difficulty in obtaining drinking water in the districts of Tawahi, Brega and Ma’ala.

This assistance comes as part of the relief efforts adopted by the UAE to alleviate the suffering of the people in the liberated governorates and to improve the level of basic services, which are seriously deteriorated .

Workers in the relief teams said that the UAE Red Crescent began to carry tankers carrying thousands of liters of drinking water, and delivers it  to the affected and deprived areas,Adding that water does not reach a large number of houses in some areas of Aden due to poor pumping and lack of production from wells, which left great suffering on families living in those areas, especially with the great hardship in obtaining clean drinking water.

They added that this step coincided with the adoption of another initiative, the installation of additional pumps in the fields and wells in order to raise production and supply pumping stations with generators to help them to deliver water easily to the homes of citizens who are struggling to obtain clean and safe drinking water.

The people expressed their thanks and appreciation for

the continuous relief efforts provided by the UAE through its humanitarian arm.In order to alleviate the suffering they have been living for years, they added that the UAE red Crescent has always been the first organization to respond to humanitarian appeals and alleviate the suffering faced by the people  of Aden and the liberated southern governorates.

The UAE continues efforts to curb cholera outbreak in Yemen


The UAE continues its efforts to curb the spread of cholera in Yemen, through its support to the health sector by providing medicines and medical supplies to hospitals, health centers and units or through preventive and awareness campaigns, in addition to providing clean water to the population, especially the most vulnerable groups, womenand children.

UAE continue Alleviating the epidemic in the West Coast areas of Taiz and Hodeidah governorates and the rest of Yemen governorates, which resulted in reducing the incidence of infections. The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent Authority, has launched treatment, preventive and awareness campaigns to combat cholera epidemic in a number of directorates of the west coast of Yemen. Dr. Rabash Ahmed Saleh, Director of the Office of Health and Population, in the Directorate of Al-Waziya, said that the UAE Red Crescent, provided the necessary medicines and medical supplies  for all health centers in the Directorate, which contributed to saving lives, from the risk of a deadly cholera epidemic.

He pointed out that the “Crescent” continues its efforts to eradicate cholera epidemic through the implementation of the three stages / treatment, awareness and preventive /, and that this great effort is appreciated by the local authority, and all the people of the Directorate of Waziya.

To the West, the 16-day campaign to combat cholera and treat cases in Al Waziya comes within the continued

support of the UAEto The health sector and various services, developmental and social sectors, in the Directorate and the rest of the directorates of Taiz and the west coast of Yemen.

UAE supplies Yemeni hospitals with medicines

A large quantity of drugs has been sent to Yemen as aid to the people of the southern province of Dhala, where parts of the province are still witnessing clashes between Yemeni forces and the Huthi rebels.

A UAE cargo plane arrived earlier in Aden International Airport carrying 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies that will be distributed to hospitals in Dali.

Ali Al-Kaabi, representative of the UAE Red Crescent Society, explained that the dispatch of this shipment of medicines came days after the opening of a field hospital in Al-Dhala province equipped with the latest medical equipment and ambulances

The UAE has provided the General Hospital with 655 oxygen cylinders and supplied it with medical materials and equipment in four stages. The UAE also sent medicines and medical supplies through the National Drug Supply Center of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, provided support through the World Health Organization and sent dozens of Yemeni wounded for treatment abroad at its expense.

Throughout the years of war in Yemen, the UAE has provided diverse assistance to people in many parts of the country, which have been divided between long-term development assistance and emergency relief to overcome food  crises and the effects of some natural disasters.

In this context, the UAE Red Crescent Society intervened  in the Khoura area in the Lower Marakha Directorate in Shabwa governorate in southern Yemen.The agency provided assistance with the main food components and equipped several shelter camps for those affected by the floods.

UAE Red Crescent finishes Cholera Campaign in West Coast Dealer

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), through its humanitarian arm, the Red Crescent Authority, on Monday concluded a campaign to treat and control the cholera epidemic in a dispensary in the western coast of Yemen.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent, in the West Coast, said that the campaign included providing the health center with the isolation materials in the dispensary directorate, with a quantity of drugs, intravenous fluids, antibiotics and other medical supplies.

He added that the second phase of the campaign against the cholera epidemic was carried out through awareness groups that aimed to educate residents in the areas of a distributed directorate about the danger of this epidemic and how to prevent it.

DrFatiniRajeh Salem Sahera, Director of Al Hamli Medical Center, praised the rapid response of the UAE Red Crescent to the emergency response to the cholera epidemic that has helped treat 60 cases, mostly children.

Dr.Fatini confirmed that the red crescent has put an end to this epidemic  that has affected the areas of Al-Jisr, Al-Hamz, Al-Hamli and Al-Muqaysar.

For their part, the field awareness team expressed their satisfaction with the success of this campaign, which lasted 12 days.

This campaign is part of the urgent response of the UAE Red Crescent to rescue the children of the areas affected by cholera, fever and diarrhea in the West Coast. This campaign was the third in July , where similar campaigns were carried out in the Directorate of Al-Waze’a and Hays.

UAE supplies Shabwawith 64 tons of food and shelter camps

The United Arab Emirates sent relief conveys through the humanitarian arm , the Red Crescent Society to the people affected by the torrential floods in the area of ??Khoura in the Directorate of Lower Mircha in the province of Shabwa, Yemen.

The organization provided food assistance and shelter camps to those affected by the floods, in the framework of its humanitarian and relief efforts,carried out at various levels to help the brothers in Yemen and alleviate their suffering and improve their living conditions.

The UAE Red Crescent Society distributed 800 food baskets at a rate of 64 tons targeting 4 thousand and 720 people from the Khawra area, as well as providing accommodation camps for those whose houses were damaged by the flood of torrential rains.

The assistance comes within the framework of the humanitarian approach and the continuous efforts of the UAE in light of the worsening humanitarian conditions affecting the population of these areas in Shabwa.

The beneficiaries of the Red Crescent assistance expressed their thanks and appreciation to the UAE for this great assistance and humanitarian gesture that will contribute to alleviating their suffering amid difficult living conditions and deteriorated economic conditions.

The number of food baskets distributed by the UAE Red Crescent since the beginning of 2019 is more than  29 thousand and 468 baskets of food distributed to 135 thousand and 319 people from needy families and affected in Shabwa.

UAE send drugs and medical supplies to Daleh

The UAE continues its continuous support to the medical sector in Yemen, in order to ensure that it continues to serve the citizens in light of the difficult conditions in the country.

A transport plane from the United Arab Emirates carrying 14 tons of medicines and medical supplies arrived at Aden International Airport yesterday. The plane was received at Aden airport by the representative of the UAE Red Crescent Ali Al Kaabi.

Al-Kaabi confirmed that the shipment of medicines will be sent to support the hospitals of Dali’a governorate, which receives the wounded from fighting with Al-Houthi militia in the outskirts of the province. The UAE support comes days after the opening of a field hospital in the province of Dhala equipped with the latest means, medical equipment and ambulances. The UAE and its humanitarian arm  the Red Crescentin Dalea governorate has given special importance to supporting the fighting fronts .

Since the beginning of war in the province of Dhala, the General Hospital was supported by 655 cylinders of oxygen, and the provision of materials and medical equipment . Drugs and medical supplies were also provided with the support of the UAE through the National Drug Supply Center of the Yemeni Ministry of Health, support through the World Health Organization,  more than 60 wounded were sent for treatment abroad.

The UAE has provided significant health support in the form of pharmaceutical shipments and the

establishment and maintenance of a number of health centers in the various liberated governorates of Yemen

UAE . Opens a water project south of Al-Hudaydah

In its continuous humanitarian support to yemen, the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCRC) opened on Wednesday a water project that feeds the Qataba district in Al Khokha Directorate in Hodeidah Governorate.

This comes in response to the local  residents call, to help and support them , especially with the lack of government projects in the sector, as part of the Authority’s efforts to provide clean drinking water to citizens and a package of infrastructure projects supported by the UAE under the guidance of the wise leadership.

During the opening ceremony, Mohamed Al Junaibi, Director of Humanitarian Affairs at the UAE Red Crescent in Yemen, confirmed that the opening of the water project is a strategic objective because it will contribute positively to addressing the problem of water scarcity in the region.

He pointed to the importance of the project and its rehabilitation in the area of ??Koutaba, which is one of the most important projects implemented in the Directorate, which is scheduled to serve 1800 families and provides drinking water for the region’s population : more than 15 thousand people.

He pointed to the importance of the project, which consists of a water pump that works with a solar system, and the restoration and purification of  wells as well as a central reservoir, and the extension of pipelines to the regions.

Al-Junaibi hoped that the residents of the Directorate and the neighboring villages would benefit from this project Because the area was deprived of water

On their part, the people of the region expressed their thanks and appreciation to the United Arab Emirates and its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent Authority, for all their efforts to carry out vital projects to alleviate the suffering of citizens in the West Coast and various areas of the province of Hodeidah.

Emirates convoys bring back life to Yemen

The UAE continues to run relief convoys to the Yemeni provinces to re-establish life through the efforts of the UAE Red Crescent Society. Al-Dhali Governor also praised the state’s continuous efforts to support the governorate and its residents, stressing that it was the first to provide assistance to Al-Nasr General Hospital, and provided a large shipment of medical supplies to treat health chaos  caused by the spread of cholera and malaria.

On the ground, the joint forces responded to an attack by al-Houthi militia on military positions west of the al-Tahita Directorate, and the militia suffered heavy casualties. The coalition of support for legitimacy in Yemen said that the coalition thwarted Houthi’s attempt to target the city of Najran inSaudi Arabia, through a plane attack. He confirmed that there is nothing true or real to what the militia published about the targeting of Najran airport

A touch of hope and happiness : UAE hosts second mass wedding in Lahj

  Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Lahj province witnessed Thursday a mass wedding for 200 bride and groom from all governorates.   The Governor of Lahj expressed his thanks for the generous and unlimited support provided by the United Arab Emirates represented by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Lahj province in particular and the liberated governorates in general.   The Governor added that the next phase will witness the implementation of several projects with funding and support from the United Arab Emirates in the continued generosity of the leadership of the UAE towards the people of the province in various service and development.   For his part, the coordinator of the UAE Red Crescent, stressed the interest of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to support youth in various fields, including social areas.   He pointed out that this is the fifth mass wedding organized by the UAE Red Crescent at the level of the liberated provinces in 2019 and the second in the province of Lahj after the wedding in 2018.   He pointed out that the programs and projects of the UAE Red Crescent and with the support of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan will continue in the province of Lahj in order to serve citizens in alleviating difficult living conditions.   The wedding ceremony  included many songs that were praised by the promising artist Sami Annabol along with the folk dances and folkloric heritage of the pilgrimage provided by the folk dance group at the Culture Office in the province of Lahj.